A method of optional PLC programming support modular - mechanical engineering - programmable logic

by:Coolmay     2020-07-04
Bosch rexroth on his servo driver IndraDrive extends the trajectory control function module & other SMC IndraDrive” 。 This means that, and now Bosch rexroth multi-axis parts in programming and debugging system greatly reduced the time required to. As a kind of optional PLC programming methods, rexroth solution SMC makes the shaft coupling and axis synchronous and order motion sequence to achieve faster. This control scheme is particularly suitable for metal forming and assembly operations such as application of up to six axis support modular mechanical engineering. Certified Safe MoTIon security functions are integrated in InfraDrive servo drives, satisfy the current safety standards, reducing the number of machine downtime and then bring the manual intervention.

SMC function module can be used in the following IndraDrive drive series: from a minimum power 100 w compact drive IndraDrive Cs, by the power of inverter modules with IndraDrive M, has been to the most high power 4 mw IndraDrive ML. It integrates a variety of functions, including jumping and sports instruction, math, predefined instructions, used in material feeding system, processing and high speed rotation shaft coupling. The IEC 61131 - 3, compile environment rexroth also provides alone for use of personal computer users free editor. Users can use it to modify the program, read, commissioning, start-up and archiving. This tool can even activity program for debugging. Similar input aides and online help document close function more embodies the user friendly operation.

SMC streamlining program provides the following pattern: establish reference axis in manual mode, and execute a program of automatic mode, and the parameters of model. Via the Sercos cross communication mode, the main drive can real-time synchronous up to 5 axis. Multitasking environment can parallel control up to four tasks in automatic mode. And, in a cycle of any time, can view state and diagnosis. Users can monitor and adjust the parameter at runtime. Our solution support Sercos and multi-functional Ethernet system, such as Powerlink, 4 EtherCAT and industry. 0 environment standard Ethernet, allows the driver to connect more superior control system.

use based on the Open Core Interface of the software development kit, can easily write Windows, Android, iOS APP. At the same time we also provide software library, let users using c # and Java language development of HMI Windows and Linux operating system. Simple parameterization operation has resulted in a single production process encapsulation process faster and faster. At the same time, the technology can use big data applications, based on the Python directly evaluate the production data and control servo drive. Using the SMC servo drive solution provides up to 175 of the 120 input and output. Certified Safe MoTIon security functions don't need the controller command cycle, can very quickly to respond to mistakes. The technology by the equipment manufacturer of modular, greatly reduced their quantities.

technology zone an optional PLC controller programming methods, support for mechanical engineering modular constraints of FPGA in detail based on VHDL SDSoC serial transmitter circuit design development environment for the development of machine vision system provides the advantage of competition state machine and the risk of combinational logic analyses
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