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by:Coolmay     2020-06-15
We at the time of HMI and PLC communication, is to solve a problem, namely the HMI and PLC communication connection problems setting up the parameters, it is a lot of students will be asked a question, the key point of this is also our learning. Touch screen and PLC communication is divided into several, one is a native PLC, HMI control; Another kind is a remote PLC HMI control. Then we have to learn how to control a native wei lun tong touch screen PLC, namely how to set the parameters.

first of all, we want to know 'the machine PLC' means what?

so-called 'native PLC' refers to the PLC controller directly connect with the local HMI. If we want to control the machine PLC, need to add this type of equipment. Operation method is as follows:

1, click 'edit' menu 'system parameter', in the pop-up dialog box, click on the 'new' to open the equipment properties dialog box.

2, in the 'device properties of open set the machine PLC parameters, we must set up equipment name, location, type of PLC controller, the interface type, etc. , here is the PLC type for the MODBUS RTU Settings, see below.

here we note that the PLC can choose RS - interface type 232、RS- 485 2 w, RS - 485 w, Ethernet, USB, and the CAN Bus. If the interface type is RS - 232、RS- 485 2 w, RS - 485 w, can click on the 'Settings' dialog box, can the communication port Settings dialog box, set the communication port parameters, including the communication port, baud rate, data bits, calibration, and stop bits.

if the interface type is Ethernet, can click on the 'Settings' dialog, open the 'IP address Settings' dialog box, PLC as we want to set the IP address and port number. If we were to type selection of PLC S7 - Default is 200 Smart Ethernet interface type of Ethernet.

if the interface type is USB, it does not need to set again, check the device properties within the set value is correct. After completion of each set, can be found in the device list a new name for '1' the machine PLC controller equipment, this completes a native PLC touch screen control parameter is set to.

above is wei lun a native PLC touch screen control, set the parameters to a few key points, the hope can give you help!

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