A serial port turn Profibus - in the field of steel system PM - DP gateway The application of 160 t. . .

by:Coolmay     2020-06-02
The user-defined protocol RS232 devices access the Siemens PLC control system, is a serial port turn Profibus - DP application gateway instance.

field application: jiangsu suqian cultivation jinxin co. , LTD. , the PLC control system of steel rolling is the PM - 160吨( 现场总线, DP gateway) One of the examples of application. In the PLC control system, Siemens PLC controller ( S7- 400). As a Profibus - DP master station, the user LRFS - distance measuring instrument 0040 - 1/2 to possess the RS232 interface equipment of open protocols, PM - As a bridge between the two 160 t, the realization of PLC of RS232 equipment monitoring and data collection.

system requirements: by Siemens S7 - 400 PLC monitoring 10 steel distance measuring instrument LRFS - 0040 - Half of the data. :

system for the different needs of each user, each PM - 160 t connect a client distance measuring instrument, the PM - Profibus - 160 t Access to the Profibus - DP end DP bus network, the PM - 160 t RS232 port and rangefinder RS232 port connection ( Follow the instructions of the panel or manual connection) And then running parameters of the rangefinder data through the PM - Mapped to S7-160 t 400 PLC input/output mapping area, realize the customer a PLC to field 10 sets of equipment for rangefinder real-time monitoring. System structure diagram as shown below:


PM - Widely used: 160 t, whoever has the RS485 / RS232 / RS422 interface equipment can use this product with fieldbus PROFIBUS - DP interconnection, quickly realize RS232 / RS422 / RS485 Profibus - DP; Application of simple, can achieve in a short time connection communication, the module of serial port communication port is completely transparent, without any agreement, the user can be applied in accordance with the actual situation.

探测器- 0040 - 1/2: RS232 communication interface, serial communication baud rate to 9600, for eight data bits, parity, stop bits to 1, communication protocol as ASCII. 探测器, 0040 - 1/2 is a laser rangefinder, measurable distance range: 0. 1 m to 100 m.

PM Configuration (160 t GT - 123 configuration software) : according to customer demand of equipment, serial port baud rate to 9600, for eight data bits, parity bits, stop bit is 1, the communication interface of RS232 port.

PLC controller configuration ( DP master station configuration interface) : according to customer's requirements, import the GSD file, DP bus connection 10 distance measuring equipment ( A PM - 160 t connect a distance measuring device) 。

application summary: through the use of PM - 160 t, the user can quickly, conveniently connect many on-site RS232 equipment to porfibus - DP bus network, the need for PM - only 160 t through simple configuration, PLC can be realized centralized monitoring and data collection of field devices.

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