A small programmable logic controller ( PLC) 艾伦- 布拉德利Micro870 PLC -

by:Coolmay     2020-07-04
Rockwell automation to launch a new small programmable logic controller ( PLC) 艾伦- Bradley Micro870 PLC controller, is a new Micro800 series flagship product, can be used to replace many small PLC. New small PLC for the large independent no longer complex machine.

'in the process of design automation projects, designers tend to use a variety of models of PLC,' rockwell automation small controller product manager Yeow Keng Teh said. 'This request for a variety of models of PLC for inventory management, and maintain multiple programs. Now, the designer can use Micro870 PLC, according to their own requirements of the application of flexible scalability controller. This helps to simplify implementation inventory management, for designers to design many kinds of machines. '

Micro870 PLC adopts the flexible design concept, can support up to three functional plug-ins and eight extended I/O modules. Take this, designers can easily for the unique requirements of various types of machines or extension controller.

memory capacity up to 280 KB, the controller supports modular programming, at the same time support the use of user-defined function block, help to shorten the design time. In addition, with the advantage of memory capacity, the machine manufacturer also can be used for all Micro870 machine type unified maintain a program of PLC.

controller via EtherNet/IP communication, including a variety of embedded communication options, such as USB port programming, unfenced serial port and EtherNet port, and can support up to two axes.

new version 11 Connected Components Workbench software can be used in the design of one-stop complete to Micro870 PLC program. The software also can be used to Allen - Bradley PanelView graphics terminals, PowerFlex 800 ac frequency converter, servo driver Kinetix components, electronic overload relays, screen and configurable safety relay configuration. Compared to each device in the system using different programming tools of tradition, this feature can help engineers to save time and cost effectively. New in version

11 a conversion tools, let MicroLogix customer can easily upgrade to Micro800 controller series. In addition, the 11th edition also provides graphical configuration files, make partnership program with finished members of complementary third-party products can be easily configured. These configuration files at the same time support Micro800 functional plug-ins and extensions I/O, help to finish the configuration work faster and more accurately.

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