About how much do you know about the five functions of PLC - programmable logic

by:Coolmay     2020-06-30
In the developed industrial countries, PLC has been widely used in all industrial sectors, as the price performance ratio of PLC continues to improve, in the past, many occasions can also use the PLC using a dedicated computer. PLC application scope unceasing expansion, mainly has the following several aspects:

1, the switch quantity logic control

this is the most fundamental and most widely used PLC, the PLC input signal and output signal is only on/off state of the switch signal, and the control and relay control is most close to, can use a lower price, only switch quantity control function of PLC relay control system of the alternatives. Switch logic control can be used in a single device, and can also be used for automatic production line, such as all kinds of relay control, stamping, casting machinery, conveyor belt, the control of packaging machinery, elevator control system of pump and electromagnetic valve control of chemical and metallurgical system system of blast furnace, rolling mill, continuous casting machine, the control of flying shear, electroplating production line, beer filling production line, car assembly line, television and radio line control, etc. 2,

PLC can be used for motor control for linear motion or circular motion control. Early direct connect switch I/O module and position sensors and actuators, now is generally have special motion control module, the world's main PLC manufacturers almost have motion control function of PLC. Motion control function of PLC is widely used in all kinds of machinery, such as metal cutting machine tool, metal forming machines, assembly machines, robots, elevators, etc.

3, closed-loop process control process control refers to continuous changes such as temperature, pressure, flow analog closed-loop control. PLC through the analog I/O module, the realization of analog ( 模拟) And the digital quantity ( Digital) Between A/D conversion and D/A conversion. And for the analog PID closed-loop control. Modern large and medium-sized PLC usually have PID closed-loop control function, this function can use dedicated PID subroutine to realize intelligent PID module, also can design PID subroutine to complete, the use of more special instructions to complete the PID function. Analog PID control function of PLC has been widely used in plastics extrusion molding machine, heating furnace, heat treatment furnace, boiler and other equipment, as well as light industry, chemical industry, machinery, metallurgy, electric power, building materials and other industries.

4, data processing

modern PLC with math ( Including matrix operations, functions, operation and logic operation) , data computing, transformation, sorting and look-up table, bitwise operations, and other functions, can complete data collection, analysis and processing. The data can be compared with reference values stored in the memory, also can use communication function to other intelligent device, or will they print TAB, large data processing is commonly used in control system, such as no one flexible manufacturing system, can also be used in process control system, such as paper making, metallurgy, food industry in a few large control system.

5, communication of the PLC communication including the communication between the programmable controller, programmable controller and other intelligent control equipment of communication. With the development of the computer control, the foreign factory automation communication network is growing fast in recent years, the famous between PLC manufacturers have introduced a PLC controller network system. Not all of the PLC has function of all of the above, some small programmable controller only has part of the above functions, but the price is low.

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