About S7 - The introduction of small PLC - 200 series - programmable logic

by:Coolmay     2020-06-30
S7- 200 series PLC controller is a higher market share a small PLC device, often used in small production control, the equipment and all operations on October 1, 2017, but there are still parts for sale.

S7 - 200 CPU to integrate the microprocessor, power supply, input and output circuit integration in a compact enclosure, so as to form a powerful small PLC.

CPU model including CPU221, CPU222, CPU224, CPU226, and support a variety of the expansion of the extension module, including extension module of digital EM221, EM222, EM223, analog extended module EM231, EM232, EM235, profibus - DP, EM277 module and so on.

S7 - 200 series PLC for its small volume, modular design won a large engineers love, on the ontology of CPU, integrated I/O points, the corresponding number of ontology with two 485 communication port, when used at the scene, one can connect to the touch screen, the other one can communicate with other modbus instrumentation equipment. On the ontology of CPU224 is integrated analog input channel, the two way for small analog control, more convenient for the user's selection. Summary of its corresponding characteristics are as follows:

compact structure, low price extension performance strong powerful ( Support position control and high speed counter, etc)

for S7 - Between 200 and the extension module connection, the use of soft cable, if the belt extension module is more, at the same time in control cabinet space is limited, can be used in a long cable, place the device for two lines, convenient to engineering personnel arrangement of components.

S7 - 200 series PLC controller programming software for V4. 0 STEP 7 MicroWIN SP9, is now the latest V4. 0 version, the software can be perfect under the Windows system installation and operation, support for the whole series of 200 series PLC programming, monitoring and debugging.

S7 - 200 series PLC because of its powerful features, suitable for all kinds of equipment in the field of control, in a certain range can replace the relay control circuit, and be able to do simple and complicated logic control, the control of application field is very wide, covering all related to the automatic detection, automatic control of civil and industrial applications, including all kinds of machine tools, machinery, electric power facilities, equipment, environmental monitoring, etc. , such as punching machine, grinding machine, printing machinery, rubber machinery, central air conditioning, elevator control, motion control, etc.

S7 - On October 1, 200 and 2017 series PLC has been halted, equipment upgrades as S7 - 200 smart, relative to the old 200 series PLC and equipment of the added some changes in appearance, at the same time in the software Settings have also made some changes, because is upgrade, so the function and use it more humane, use get started fast.

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