About the five advantages of embedded technology of PLC application in parsing - Embedded technology -

by:Coolmay     2020-06-30
The embedded soft PLC technology is an embedded system and the perfect combination of soft PLC controller technology. The embedded soft PLC technology has the advantages of soft PLC technology, has inherited the advantages of the embedded system.

it has the following advantages: 1.

Hardware of the embedded soft PLC system is of open architecture, the user can according to the needs of the child the freedom to choose a suitable hardware platform to build the control system to satisfy user needs.

2。 Instruction set of the embedded soft PLC system compared with the traditional PLC controller instruction set is more abundant, greatly facilitate the user to write industrial control program.

3。 Due to the rapid development of the embedded chip technology which, the embedded soft PLC product price has been rapid development.

4。 The embedded soft PLC system has a relatively open architecture and standard, the product can also join the PLC controller network and the standard of the computer network. This is a lot of research results of existing computer network can be easily applied to PLC control technology.

5。 The embedded soft PLC technology is based on IEC61131 - 3 language standard, so the program development is relatively convenient, good for reuse, can shorten the product development cycle, debugging and maintenance is convenient.

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