About the internal structure of PLC three output modes - - programmable logic

by:Coolmay     2020-07-01
PLC output way if used according to the load power supply, dc output, the output ac, ac/dc output three ways. According to the output switch device, the transistor, thyristor and relay three output modes.

transistor output circuit is shown in figure 1, transistor output circuit with dc load only, belong to the dc output. Bidirectional thyristor as shown in figure 2, this way of output can only take ac load, belonging to the ac output. Relay output as shown in figure 3, it can take dc can also take ac load, belonging to the ac/dc output. Above three output modes, the power supply are customers, when the PLC output signal leds light. Adopt electrical isolation technology, in order to ensure its reliability.

according to the output module and the external user output device in place of, also have remit point output and dividing output in the two basic forms of place.

in addition, some PLC controller Settings have I/O functions on both sides of the I/O module, the module has several input point already, and there are a number of dots, the input dc power supply is provided by the PLC internal power supply circuit, the output circuit of the load power is provided by the user, can be a dc can also be exchanges.

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