About the Step - 7 - hardware fault detection method

by:Coolmay     2020-06-30
1. Necessary for diagnosis

in order to use STEP 7 to monitor control system and fault diagnosis, project files downloaded to the CPU must be exactly the same with the computer in the project file. If the project is not download encryption, can use a STEP 7 upload the user program and configuration information in the CPU.

2。 With a quick view troubleshooting

select the SIMATIC manager to check the PLC controller station, perform menu commands - 'PLC controller' - - - - - - - > / set 'diagnosis' - - - - - - > 'hardware diagnostics', open the quick view, will see the site of the CPU, the faulty module and DP slave station. Select a DP slave station, click on the 'module information' button, you can view its fault information.

3。 Using CPU fault diagnostic buffer

select the quick view of the CPU, click on the 'module information' button, open the CPU module information dialog box. Module information in the diagnostic buffer TAB of the dialog box you can see all kinds of diagnosis, select an event, diagnostic buffer below the details about the event window will display the details of the event. Click on the 'help' button, can get help information.

from diagnostic buffer can obtain detailed and accurate information related to the fault. Including defective DP slave station in the network number and the serial number of DP slave station, ask the serial number of OB call troubleshooting, CPU downtime reasons, the starting address of the faulty module, what kind of failure. Is into the event ( Failure occurs) Or leave the event ( Fault disappear) 。

half part of the picture below is detailed information.

perform menu commands in the SIMATIC manager - 'PLC' - - - - - - - > / set 'diagnosis' - - - - - - > 'module information', can also open the CPU module information dialog box.

4。 With the diagnosis to diagnose view

diagnosis view is actually online hardware configuration view. Click on the 'quick view open online site' button, open the view, can see the defective DP slave station and defective modules from the station. Double-click on the defective module, open the 'module information dialog box, you can see the module specific accurate fault information.

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