Analyses the application of frequency converter in constant pressure water supply system

by:Coolmay     2020-06-13
One spoken in front of the PLC controller control frequency converter application modes: running commands terminal channel + terminals analog channel. Typical applications of this model is in constant pressure water supply, the use of remote transmission line pressure manometer detection detection, converted to 0 Or 4-10 v voltage 20 ma current analog feedback to the PLC, through the PLC controller PID arithmetic, and then into analog output operation results, using frequency converter to the terminals analog input channel control frequency inverter to adjust water pump speed, constant pressure water supply control of closed-loop adjustment, thus formed the diagram below:

we V20 Siemens inverter, for example, to explain how to cooperate between frequency converter and PLC controller control. Because PLC standard without analog input and output functions, so choose a analog input/output module EMAM06 extensions, wiring diagram is as follows:

0 +, 0 For analog input interface, 1 m, 1 for analog output interface, DI1 V20 digital input terminals, connected to the PLC output point, Q0. 0 is used to control the inverter start-stop, DIC for digital input public side, the negative figure in the 24 v power supply.

connection macro method is as follows:

choose to connect the corresponding macro, if do not conform to the requirements of the control, the individual parameters manually modify once again can.

then write control program, the first piece of hardware system configuration Settings, as follows:

to PID guide configuration method is as follows:

after the written procedures can be found through the guide block p loop gain, integral time, I D differential time address, adjusted by changing the value of PID parameter must be set to keep power type. As shown in the figure below:

can also be adjusted by software provides PID panel, make the adjustment more intuitive, as shown in the figure below:

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