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by:Coolmay     2020-07-04
A lot of people ask, single-chip microcomputer and PLC which is easy to learn? Let's say this problem today.

microcontroller is a microcomputer system, is one kind of micro controller, is the full name of the PLC programmable logic controller, from the name on the two must have similarities, but the difference between each other.

for single chip microcomputer studious or PLC studious, on the whole, introduction to PLC because simple, so more suitable for novice, more easy to use and primer, mouth says, take a look at the reason.

MCU function is stronger than the PLC, indeed is wider, but ability means that the circuit will be very complex, and MCU programming language C language or assembly language compared with ladder diagram, is not so easy to understand. In short, you want to learn microcontroller, not only about computer hardware. Also will C language programming, but also to the circuit to understand a lot.

then concrete analysis in the aspects of the advantages and disadvantages of single chip microcomputer and PLC.

1, programming language PLC programming languages are: ladder diagram language ( LD) , the instruction list language ( IL) The functional module chart, language ( FBD) , sequence function diagram language ( SFC) , structured text language ( 圣) 。

ladder diagram is used more, because it is a bit like the electrical control relay coil and get an electric shock the movement, the relationship between the relay - if you learned Contactor control, entry is much easier, so a lot of electrical control personnel to select it, novice to use ladder diagram programming will be easier.

MCU programming language is the C language or assembly language, also USES built-in programming language ( Such as 51 singlechip ASM language) 。

single chip microcomputer instruction code and more complex, so the programming to harder, especially involving more complex project program will be more difficult, because not only to understand English, but also understand the system, if there is a basic computer may will be better.

2 and hardware microcontroller price is low, the image below is his development board, the middle is the biggest on STC microcontroller development board core chip, and can be seen from the figure, its input and output are more peripheral. And single-chip microcomputer control circuit requires the user to set myself.

PLC appearance looks very simple, because of its interface, power supply, anti-jamming circuit is designed inside the PLC controller, so learning and operation, spend time and energy in the circuit is relatively less, the main focus is to use ladder diagram to control the output port, ladder diagram for newcomers, tend to get started. And add extension module can realize other functions, but the PLC price is single chip microcomputer expensive.

single chip in the application of the 3, field than PLC is wide and can be widely used in instruments and meters, household appliances, medical equipment, aerospace, special equipment of intelligent management and process control in areas such as, high technology content, use agile, but larger workload, anti-interference, low modularity requirements. Consumer electronics, commercial application of electronics, toys, household appliances, etc. Can choose single chip microcomputer.

but microcontroller is a single chip, so the circuit is more complex, the beginner often face anti-jamming capability is not strong, the signal distortion, too much interference. But for the rich experience is not.

a lot of people say microcontroller can replace PLC in the industrial field, I can only say that in the industrial field, most of the automatic control of large equipment still need to use PLC to complete. At the beginning of the design, PLC is focused more on industrial applications, to prevent interference, device interface, networking, modular has perfect technical support, easy to use simple, short design cycle. Automatic production line, for example, must be done with PLC controller. MCU can be used to develop some supplementary equipment.

in general: if you are a novice or electrical engineering, or in the field of industrial development, suggest you learn PLC, if subsequent have needs to learn microcontroller. Each person is different, according to individual needs to make choices is the best.

also, this year a skill in hand, the world is too little, I have some company before only single chip microcomputer, the products of the company expanded transition, it also has demand for PLC, as owner, must hope that their employees can also be PLC. So, working, learning ability is very important. Learned a lot of things is difficult in the beginning, later will achieve mastery through a comprehensive, follow.

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