Analyze the application prospects and the status quo of the talent training - PLC

by:Coolmay     2020-06-16
A broad market space, PLC controller application and demand for talent

1, the degree of automation of industrial enterprises in China are generally lower, the PLC products have large application space, such as more than 80% of the country's machinery industry equipment still using traditional relay and contactor to control. Therefore, PLC application potential in our country is far from get into full play.

2, large and medium-sized enterprises in our country, generally adopts the advanced automatic system to control the production process, but the vast majority of small businesses have not yet applied to control the production process automation system. The increasingly intense competition, more and more small businesses will use economic and practical to control the production process automation products, in order to improve enterprise economic benefits and competition power.

3, China's economy after nearly 40 years of rapid growth, in recent years has been slightly weak. In demographic dividend exhausted, labor costs rising year after year, under the condition of the development of many enterprises are facing unprecedented difficulties, understaffed wage rising corporate profits is becoming more and more thin. Forcing enterprises must consider using automation equipment and automated production lines, improve the level of automation to reduce dependence on human, in the near future all by automation equipment factory assembly line production or robots replace human has been the trend of The Times. So, a large number of master PLC programming and other technical people automation talents needed for the enterprise.

predicament existing in the PLC controller study participants,

1, the lack of practice devices such as PLC, touch screen, servo motor, no hardware environment needed for the study, theory divorced from reality, learning cycle is long, the learning effect is not obvious.

2, the lack of professional guidance and also can not find people consult in practical industry application, the result is often sniffy, learn and master of none, sounds well-meaning, start projects do not know how to start.

3, the lack of study partner and the problems in the work can not get to discuss and solve in time, behind closed doors for a long time to find a car, study interest is gradually lost.

4, lack of form a complete set of PLC peripheral equipment selection and trial, elephant, only beside the point.

3, PLC controller talent employment direction in the future

1, the enterprise of equipment maintenance and repair personnel, if only ordinary electrician ( Don't understand PLC) , the pay is only 3500 - 4000 yuan, if the proficient in PLC programming, the salary at least 5000 yuan of above, can even reach eight thousand to tens of thousands of high.

2, personnel engaged in sales of industrial control equipment, industrial control products is a very professional products, don't understand the technology is difficult to achieve sales, if it is to understand technical advisory sales personnel, will promote sell-through rate, monthly salary should be at least 5000 yuan of above.

3 electrical engineer, engaged in equipment development, programming, month endowment should be in commonly 6000 above, high tens of thousands of dollars a month.

4, vocational colleges teachers as PLC, income is 5000 - More than 8000?

5, and can even set up automation company, while selling industrial control products after project, income on their own!

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