Analyze the input terminal of PLC, common type wiring - output terminal

by:Coolmay     2020-06-29
At present, PLC controller in industrial production and automation control utilization rate is very high concentration of control equipment, PLC to replace the heavy ark of relay, ac contactor cabinet and so on, gradually widespread use in the production and control, PLC, the correct connection is the premise condition of PLC function, skilled master PLC input port and output port connection is necessary for every power operation personnel. Under normal circumstances, the PLC AC220V power input, in order to provide PLC operation power supply. PLC output power port for DC24V commonly, is the power output of PLC. PLC in use process, the input and output it is very important to the correct wiring, wiring is the precondition of PLC to work correctly. Below we focus to analyze the input terminal of PLC, the output end of the common connection type:

a common connection, input port types and object: PLC input port is: 1, the switch quantity signals: button, trip switch, switch, proximity switch, dial the code switch and so on. A simple example is more easy to clear:

2, analog signals: general for various types of sensors, such as: pressure transmitter, liquid level transmitter, remote transmission pressure gauge, thermocouple and thermal resistance, and so on. Analog signal acquisition equipment, wire ( Two wire or three wire system) Different wiring methods will be slightly different. As shown in figure:

second, output port connection. The PLC output port connection generally can be divided into the following three conditions: 1, the relay output. 2, transistor output. 3, thyristor output.

three, three common sense in the process of PLC wiring: 1, the PLC power supply circuit. PLC control system of power supply in addition to the ac power, dc power supply also includes PLC, in general, PLC, ac power can directly by the mains supply, and input devices ( Switches, sensors, etc. ) Dc power supply, and output devices ( Relay) The dc power supply, etc. , had better take independent dc power supply. Most of the PLC with 24 v dc power supply, current is needed only when the input or output devices are not a lot of cases, to use the PLC with dc power supply.

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