Aquaculture sea for science and technology, so as to realize the remote control design scheme - Industrial control -

by:Coolmay     2020-06-10
Introduction: with the improvement of people's living standard, people demand for aquatic products quality have also changed, from quantitative change to the latter, it also promoted the rapid development of the modernization of aquatic breeding.

but the rapid development of aquaculture in brings great wealth to the society at the same time, also has many technical problems to be solved. Such as customer wants real time observation of farmed fish pond water temperature, PH and oxygen. Tradition is a customer need to the field observation data, tend to hold up time, can not get valid data, sometimes caused economic losses. Now, the customer put forward higher request, the hope can through the Internet, mobile phone remote real-time view of various data farms, timely response. Explore the pattern of industrialization is a positive solution, which explore the aquaculture from & other; Science fish & throughout; Era, entered a new era of industrialization and informationization.

key words: Haiwell ( The sea for) Control aquaculture is the key is to ensure that the growth of the aquatic environment, such as water temperature, PH, water pressure can produce very big effect for the growth of aquatic products. Temperature and dissolved oxygen (do) to detect in a timely manner, lack of timely monitoring are all factors of production is not high. At present, represented by the Internet of things of a new generation of information technology has attracted much attention, and has been applied in different fields. The application of the Internet of things in aquaculture aquaculture has become more convenient and efficient. Main hardware configuration of PLC controller selection system: S20M0R

controller to choose sea S20M0R, host external 24 v DC power supply, DI 8 road, no. 6 DO relay output; 4 AI road, AO 2 road; Take two communication ( RS232+RS485) And can be extended to five communication; Seven modules maximum extension.

farmed fish pond of temperature, pressure, require analog acquisition, control valve control switch quantity, and S20M0R both the switch and analog, and can well satisfy the conditions.

HMI selection:

C7 touch screen touch screen choose sea to C7, touch screen with 800 MHZ microprocessor CPU, 4 gb Flash + 512 m DDR3, has A unique A/B Key security mechanism, support the cloud/mobile terminal access control, high maneuverability. The standard so, 2 serial port ( 232/422/485). , the two USB interface, SD card.

C7 touch screen under the condition of the Internet, you can through the phone or computer remote viewing to the fish pond water temperature, PH, parameters such as pressure, convenient control, greatly saves time. Part of the program for the PLC controller communication program simple, no matter how you use your communication protocol is simply a communication instruction can complete complex communication function, no conflict, to send and receive control for communication port, communication interrupt handling problems. This example inverter $9600 baud rate, data format, E, 1, 7 for inverter frequency communication retrieval examples below. Summarize the sea for 4 is committed to industry. 0, the sea for the HMI integrated Haiwell Cloud Cloud services, built-in Haiwell Cloud engine, support for the PC, ipod, Android and iOS platform terminal, can be in any place by mobile phone or computer remote access to thousands of miles away the scene of the machinery, equipment, implement remote monitoring maintenance HMI and PLC, and can be downloaded through the HMI to sea for PLC program, the water temperature is abnormal condition can also be through Email, phone APP and SMS to send alarm information in a timely manner, so that you can more timely and accurate data collected, intelligent control water temperature, PH, etc. Automation development cannot leave the innovation of science and technology. Sea for science and technology will continue to innovation and development, for the social production and living to provide more quality products and services!

technology zone hollysys PLC used in sewage treatment plants, process control system design scheme of hollysys PLC used in the combination switch in advantage of sea for PLC is used for heating heating equipment design for PLC, with two classic methods achieve the function formula how to sea for PLC used in electrostatic spraying line
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