Based on dimension control HMI + PLC control the implementation of the automatic grinding machine Industrial control -

by:Coolmay     2020-06-24
A, description

grinding machine ( 磨床) Is a kind of using abrasive grinding workpiece, in order to obtain the required shape, size, and precision machining tool machine below. Grinding machine processing movement is the grinding, grinding work is the first member of the mechanical processing, cutting tool sharpening and precise manufacturing of mechanical parts are depended on the grinding work, grinding work is part of precision machining. Grinding machine is used for grinding high precision and rough surface is quite small, high efficiency grinding can be performed. Grinding machine can work hardened steel, hard alloy, such as high hardness material, can also processing high brittleness material such as glass, granite.

2, technological requirements

the grinding machine by the feeding mechanism, grinding mechanism, positioning mechanism. Feeding mechanism is controlled by step motor positioning feeding manipulator. Grind the institutions by the grinding wheel motor, cooling pump and spindle servo motor. Positioning is composed of two servo motor and the hand wheel. Three, programming solution

this control system is introduced in this paper mainly USES the LEVI - d accused of man-machine interface Host the LX3VE - 700 lk, PLC Mt or LX3V - 3624 3624 mt. Brief:

due to the spindle rotation and feeding servo hand does not need to be quick, with normal pulse frequency drive of 10 hz. X axis and Y axis with Y0 and Y1 high-speed pulse control, use the hand wheel to the workpiece. Use instrument to measure the diameter of the bearing whether meet the requirements to control the stop of the application process. Four, program introduction

1 HMI program, parameter picture

2, manual picture: a manual control cylinder, the spindle, feeding hand movements, the reset button to all actions to return to the initial position.

3, dressing: dressing grinding wheel by controlling the X axis and Y axis

4, coordinate frame: manual control X axis and Y axis position, can only control the hand wheel in the current frame.

PLC program hand wheel parts ( LX3VE- 3624吨)

hand wheel parts ( LX3V - 3624吨)

5, scheme optimization

1, single step control and continuous control can switch at any time, high safety, and see where is wrong, can play to the single step, afterwards back to continuous action down automatically, do not need to start from scratch, improve work efficiency.

2, when pressing the hand wheel control to control the speed, avoid machine crashed.

3, dosage of automatically detecting the workpiece size to judge whether the workpiece processing is complete, improve product percent of pass.

technology zone of PLC controller related instructions in detail common HMI and PLC controller communication failures, and solution about design of PLC controller control program needs to understand the five steps of the machine vision system is composed of five major structure is introduced for sea PID control function, the HSBC bank in Paris the application of the hvac system design
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