Based on the Fuji FRENIC5000G11S fountain music signal processing system design - Industrial control -

by:Coolmay     2020-06-25
With the development of social economy, science and technology progress and innovation, and the aesthetic thinking people way of life to improve urbanization, music fountain as a kind of urban landscape, its contagious figure and the urban waterscape engineering widely into the agenda of the modern urban construction. City music fountain waterscape engineering brings people is feast for the eyes of seeing and hearing feeling feast that can bring tension, busy, stressful modern mind pure and fresh and pleasant feeling. In this kind of waterscape engineering systems, music fountain of the water type can dancing with music is the main reason of the elantra is depending on the frequency converter control function.

1, the composition of music fountain control system

urban waterscape engineering, presented in this paper the music fountain control system is mainly composed of computer, Industrial computer, PLC controller, etc. ) , music signal processing system, intermediate relay, frequency converter, an actuator. As shown in figure 1 is the structure of urban music fountain control system block diagram.

2, music fountain control principle of

in the present city square as well as other urban landscape. Music fountain has been widely used, and the city music fountain works in general can be divided into two ways. The first is the music signal is stored in the computer system, and then through the software program of the music signal processing, then music signal output to the music in the signal processing system, and then by the inverter voltage signal from the music signal processing system, and according to the size of the voltage signal output of different frequency, the different frequency signals after the effect to the water pump or oscillation system of the motor, and can be controlled by adjusting the pump water yield and water level to achieve water form the effect of the height change, along with the change of music signal;

the second is the music source direct effects on frequency converter through the music signal processing system, thus to achieve the music fountain control effect.

3, the function of the frequency converter set

different manufacturers, different type of converter is generally have different functions, Fuji FRENIC5000G11S as an example to briefly explain now. The converter has F01 ~ 47, C01 ~ 33, P01 ~ 09, 39, A01 H03 ~ ~ 18 setting method, multiple functions such as U01 ~ 61. Most of these functions can choose factory default state, the following needs to be set when using part of the function are introduced in details.

F02: running state, set to l allows automatic performance of frequency converter;

F07: it means the acceleration time, is set to 0. 2 to 0. 8 can make the water fountain downy rise;

F08: said to slow down time, is set to 0. 2 to 0. Can make the fountain water soft landing;

F15: it means the upper limit frequency, set to 50 inverter output frequency can be maximum limit in 50 Hz, in order to protect the pump and motor;

F16: it means the lower frequency, set in more than 15 when can ensure that no music signal, there is a certain height of water fountain;

E45: it means the LED monitor, is set to 1 by the inverter display monitor the working state of the music fountain system;

C05 ~ C07: multiple step frequency setting, using C05 ~ 7 can make the fountain overlay, step by step to run springs or high water fountains, give a person with visual impact effect. Usually C05 can be set to 15, C06 can be set up to 30, C07 can be set to 50;

P01:1 the status of the said motor, when the load is submersible pump, can be set to 2, when the load is deceleration machine, can be set to 4.

4, connection

design of frequency converter, the power input end of the frequency converter can be L1, L2, L3 directly to the output of the control cabinet air switch, and the frequency converter of the U, V, W output to the water pump or oscillating motor, at the same time, the signal input end of the inverter to 11, 12, 13 respectively received the output end of the music signal processing system. And frequency converter of the X1, X2, X3 from intermediate relay normally open contacts, so that, through the relay can be under the control of the PLC controller and single-chip microcomputer or industrial control, to control the music fountain of water column water type. The specific connection as shown in figure 2.

5, the complimentary through the circuit connection and the feature set, in the music fountain control system, and the strength of the music signal could be controlled by frequency converter, and the strength of this kind of music signal change perfectly embodied in the fountain type water level and water swing speed, so as to give a person with beautiful enjoyment.
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