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1, introduction

power monitoring is one of the important of railway signal monitoring system. Before the signal power monitoring system is basically by single chip microcomputer as the core of the signal acquisition system. Single-chip microcomputer monitoring system on the one hand is gathering speed is slow, not friendly interface, convenient operation and no technology limited, on the other hand, due to the part of the power supply module in the monitoring of relative independence, brought inconvenience for power system, such as maintenance difficulties, interface display trival, etc. Based on the above reasons for supporting this project developed based on in PLC as the core, signal collection in HMI touch screen as the operation and monitoring interface power monitoring and control system. Monitoring subsystem and power supply module through the implementation of the integrated bus network interconnection of economical and practical, advanced technology of railway signal power monitoring and control system.

2, hard and software system design

2. Hardware system design of 1

railway signal power supply monitor hardware system design as shown in figure 1. System size: 44 digital quantity input; A digital output; 6 a power supply module; 39 road analog input.

figure 1 hardware system design of

control system configuration is as follows: touch screen: DOPA75CSTD; PLC: DVP16EH00T + 1 DVP04AD - H + 3 DVP16HM11N; Power supply module communication card 1 piece; Time-sharing acquisition circuit card 1 piece.

touch screen is mainly used to display the collected data, alarm setting, data display, alarm, upper and lower limits fine-tuning, alarm, data display, historical trend diagram, etc. PLC is mainly to collect data and calculate, because the system requirements for analog acquisition speed is not very high, in order to save costs, using a DVP04AD - in the system H time-sharing acquisition of analog 39 road, in order to achieve this function we common experiment with manufacturer has developed an electronic switch circuit, the analog 39 road got the ten groups, each group of 4 road, through collecting the output of different groups. Power communication card is mainly responsible for the 6 PCS power module of data aggregation and through RS484 interface with MODBUS protocol communication with PLC, the PLC data collected from 6 piece of power supply module, in order to realize the function of our company power supply r&d department to do a lot of work, eventually make the PLC controller and the power communication card implements the communication module, power supply module of the information has been collected.

2。 2 software system design

( 1) System function design, 44, according to the digital quantity acquisition fault judgment; 6 shows the module of data acquisition and display the working state of the power supply module and alarm; 39 road analog display, and decide on the lower limit alarm; Display alarm screen, alarm information, the current alarm, alarm frequency; Alarm set upper and lower; Trimming function of the data, and according to fine tune value; Historical trend shows; Different picture open permissions set; Fine tuning function is necessary to clear the data above, due to the scene of a measuring element can have error measurement, and the error is fixed, in a short period of time is the same, so increase the function of this part, in the middle of the process to bring out the final value is to eliminate the error after the value;

( 2) System structure design is divided into HMI man-machine dialogue interface part and the PLC field monitoring part. HMI is part of the main structure as shown in figure 2.

figure 2 HMI man-machine dialogue interface

PLC control part mainly includes: power supply module communication; Collected time-sharing analog acquisition 40 road, at 4; For acquisition of analog display value calculated according to the range, display the working state of the power supply module and alarm; Fine-tuning value calculation, display value fine-tuning and negative eliminated; The fault and alarm; , according to the digital quantity acquisition fault judgment;

3, engineering commissioning

debug timeshare sampling function need to pay attention to the points of time, will affect the overall data acquisition time, starts to collect data confusion, also need to add a space between two data time, avoid the overlap of two groups of data. For acquisition of analog display value calculated according to range. Fine-tuning value calculation, display value fine-tuning and negative eliminated; Pay attention to when fine-tuning may appear negative situation, so want to consider the elimination of negative. Pay attention to the power communication power module communication communication protocol must be set up in the communication card, including station number setting, also pay attention to the corresponding address. The fault and alarm; Because the stations were a total of 79, tedious, need to think clearly.

4, and end with

based on zhong da dentsu provides the solution of integration of the two different types of the typical case of the products, reflects a single technology platform integration in the integration of engineering characteristics.

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