Based on the principle of automatic weighing filling packaging machine and design scheme Industrial control -

by:Coolmay     2020-06-24

as living standards improve, people demand for all kinds of leisure convenience foods also boost, it further boosted the rapid development of the food packaging industry in our country. Packaging machinery development is faster, with broad prospects for development, its automation level also in unceasing enhancement, automatic control technology applied in the weighing filling production more and more, in the rice, beans, milk powder, feed, metal powder, plastic particles, all kinds of chemical raw materials and light industry and other industries have a wide range of applications. Compared with traditional weighing instrument control, PLC, touch screen, frequency converter ( Or servo) Composition of the control system is easy to set the weight, the switch quantity setting, setting and operation parameters to modify the function such as organic combination, thus improve the machine speed, accuracy and convenience of the operation.

▼ automatic weighing filling packing machine

work principle of the automatic weighing packaging machine is composed of filling material, weighing and blanking parts. Feeding part is divided into storage hopper and gravity feed device. Storage hopper is used to store need filling material, gravity feed device is mainly to provide weighing hopper in the material. Weighing hopper, weighing some of it through and weighing sensor is connected, measuring the material weight. Blanking part of the materials used to complete the weight of the feed bag. Its working process is: artificial assistance on bag, automatic weighing, bag, filling, vibration, pushing bags, automatic FengBao or sealing by the belt transmission. By changing the feeding way, suitable for packing of ultrafine powder to open the pocket quantitative packaging of large particles.

▼ work flowchart

hardware configuration of the system is mainly for the switch quantity control, bag, bag, door, carry bag, such as driven by cylinder, equipment can be manual operation can be automatic operation. Every step of manual operation requirements with the buttons on the machine movement independently operating control. Automatic operation after the touch screen to select the 'automatic mode' press the 'start' button, the machine automatically, continuous cycle. If you press the stop button in the work, the machine stop ( Cutting action also stopped, said the weight of the remaining material in the bucket cylinder memory) , press the 'reset' button, the equipment back to the initial state.

▼ control system graphic

▼ field application figure

the automatic weighing filling packaging machine and control requirements, choose Banner company BSP02 series PLC control system, the series of PLC with compact structure, modularity, extensibility of strong, rich instruction set, etc. Has a strong adaptability to the outside interface. And 1 RS485 communication port 1 RS232 port programming, has the standard Modbus communication protocol. Weight processing through the RS485 communication port and weighing module of PLC communication get real-time weight values; A screw conveying and BMD - bag conveyor belt use Banner company A series of frequency converter drive, BMD - A series inverter with 32 bit microprocessor, fast response speed, big start torque overload ability, etc. , and up to 16 segment multistage by the frequency function realization of multistage charging, ensure the accuracy of weight; Banner THM series touch screen display and process monitoring to the whole system parameter setting, etc.

programming system was designed for each function, including the functions of display, parameter setting, according to the calibration, automatic peeling and the parameters of the different materials formula function, etc.

▼ part program set figure

for weight signal processing, because weighing signal interference, it is necessary to filter the signal processing, and to determine whether a signal stability and readings are accurate. In the PLC program, for the weight of the weighing module feedback data for the corresponding processing, make its weight numerical precision and high stability.

end with the equipment after the commissioning at the end user actual packing powder, filling weighing weight error is small and stable, the whole machine performance is stable, high efficiency, more than expected to complete the requirement of the clients.

technology zone bonner control system in the application of double labeling machine based on the principle of automatic weighing filling packaging machine and the design of PLC used in bearing mechanical equipment in the design of PLC controller control application in fire fighting fan inspection device what is PLC, how to define
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