Based on the PROFIBUS bus technology and optical fiber communication - realize the polysilicon reducing furnace electrical system design

by:Coolmay     2020-06-25

the designers in the design of a polycrystalline silicon reduction furnace 10 kv electric control system, the need to schneider company read the parameters of the relay protection device to the Siemens S7 - for the company 400 and yokogawa DCS, PLC and integrated into the SCADA ( 监控和数据采集) Monitoring system, to participate in the actual chain control. Provide RS - relay protection device 485 communication interface, the communication protocol for the Modbus RTU ( 远程终端单元) The agreement. In order to achieve the Modbus RTU protocol to PROFIBUS protocol conversion, the design USES the Beijing company production of PROFIBUS - Modbus bridge ( PB- B - MODBUS) Realizes the PROFIBUS master station and Modbus communication equipment, and then through industrial Ethernet module in a PLC controller, field bus module is connected to the enterprise SCADA system, make the perfect combination.

a, system overview

the polysilicon reducing furnace electrical system is the main equipment for high power voltage regulator. On load voltage regulator is polycrystalline silicon rods series of pure resistive load. The role of the voltage regulator is actually to electric heating load resistance, and the silicon rod surface temperature constant ( General 1080 ℃) 。 Silicon rod series of resistance is a changing resistance: first, the silicon rod rise in temperature from room temperature to 1000 ℃, Φ 8 silicon core diameter decreased resistance from a few hundred k Ω to dozens of Ω; Second, keep the silicon rod surface temperature of 1080 ℃, silicon rod diameter increased to Φ from Φ 8 150, silicon rods from dozens of Ω decline to dozens of m Ω resistance. Silicon rod resistance large range change regulation of the voltage regulator output voltage and current range is the design characteristics of the voltage regulator. According to the nature of the actual work, voltage regulator is divided into silicon rods heat temperature from room temperature to 1000 ℃ of preheating voltage regulator and silicon rod diameter increased to the final diameter from Φ 8 silicon rod surface temperature of 1080 ℃ and always keep the reduction of voltage regulator. To rule over all the reduction furnace electrical equipment ( Voltage regulator, transformer, switchgear) In digital communication. To rule over all the reduction furnace electrical equipment records showing the electrical data and curve, and images of all reduction furnace electrical equipment failure on tips and record.

PB - B - MODBUS total line bridge is mainly used in reducing furnace switchgear and PROFIBUS master control system of communication. The system adopts double redundant PROFIBUS and optical fiber communication, high reliability, strong anti-jamming capability.

2, system network structure

in the polysilicon ( Control of 10 kv polycrystalline silicon reduction furnace) Production line is divided into two phases of construction, two production lines are using PROFIBUS DP as main control network. The first period, the Siemens S7 400 h redundancy PLC configuration software using STEP 7.

the second phase of the main control system adopts yokogawa DCS, configuration software for the SYCON.

PB - B - MODBUS line bridge always read from schneider MODBUS bao point table

PB - in table 1 B - MODBUS from and protect data corresponding table

4, PB - B - MODBUS configuration method of total line bridge

given ding real PB - science and technology B - MODBUS product manuals have been based on the Siemens the STEP 7 configuration method is described in detail, this article is no longer here. This paper will focus on the Ganges DCS configuration software SYCON configuration method.

1, import the GSD file, add from the station, as far as possible use V33 version ( V33 is V32 improved version, new features)

2, right-click menu select Slave configuration

3, the previous two modules 'status' and 'control' must be configured in, other need to add according to oneself, to read the MODBUS address now from standing for 2, according to table 1 read from schneider confirmed data,. Pull down the Module menu, select the read three Words ( 4xxxx) Module and read 1 Words ( 4xxxx) 。

4, click on the upper right corner of the third 'Parameter Data'

5, click on the 'Common', set up the communication interface, and must be below the MODBUS communication interface between one equipment.

double click on the 'Value' menu the following values can be revised correspondingly in, below to modify the baud rate

6, click on the 'Module' can modify the configuration Module from the stand of the MODBUS address and register the starting address ( According to table 1) 。

five, the conclusion

since this communication system, communication between PLC and Modbus RTU has been normal, not seen any of the software and hardware fault and other interference phenomenon, effectively guarantee the normal operation of the automatic control system. It is clear that the PLC controller through the PB - B - MODBUS total line bridge with MODBUS RTU communication is a kind of effective method. Thus, the use of PB - B - To solve the PROFIBUS master station (MODBUS bridge SIEMENSE S7300/400, ABB AC800, yokogawa DCS, AB PLC controller) Communication between intelligent control instrument with a third party is a way, to be promoted in polysilicon electrical control system, the application will be more successful.

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