Based on the second generation of NB - MC - PLC modem platform A solution - 10260 Intelligent communication -

by:Coolmay     2020-06-25

powerline communication ( 电力线通信) Is a way of using power line as the media of communication. While using OFDM modulation technology and Ad Hoc network structure of the second generation of PLC technology, can make through the reasonable layout of PLC controller signals reach any corner of the grid.

the global NB - renesas electronics Chip MC - PLC modem platform On the G3/10260 a PRIME standard of the second generation of PLC controller, PLC controller opens up the smart meter, intelligent street light, intelligent household in the areas of application. MC - More than 10260 chip adopted the kernel structure, built an 8-bit 78 k0 controller, a MAC controller, a high-end 32-bit DSP, renesas 128 KB program storage space. 78 k0 controller can be used to write the user application, when used in intelligent household simple node, such as sensor nodes, the MC - 10260 a can control sensor through GPIO peripherals, such as the node so as to realize single chip design, greatly reduce the product size and the design cost, etc.

renesas electronics at the same time developed a compatible Chinese single-phase carrier electric meter standard reference circuit board, its size is 65. 5报; 45. 4 mm, 5 v / 12 v power supply, static and received power is less than 250 mw, transmission power is less than 1. 5W。

software, renesas electronics can be provide point-to-point/manual routing test tools, tools and network, and network monitoring software, etc. The user through these tools, cooperate with renesas electronics provides evaluation suite, can be convenient for narrowband PLC transmission performance, network performance for laboratory evaluation and field test. In order to facilitate users to develop the custom interface and application, renesas electronics prepared for developing procedure in 78 k0 SDK suite, and can according to customer needs, provide adaptive network layer ( ADP - 层) , the MAC sublayer ( MAC - 子层) And the physical layer ( PHY层) Such as different levels of program interface, all interfaces are equipped with a detailed documentation and the corresponding application routines.

the system block diagram

the renesas products recommended by the

key feature

78 k0cpu can be used to implement the customer customized applications

the embedded DSP is used to program the physical & ndash; Fully support G3 standard

( Support the center frequency of the Fc = 63 KHZ, 131 KHZ, 270 KHZ)

built-in kbyteflashrom 128 can be used to store 78 k0 and DSP software

integrated analog front end ( AFE) Circuit

high performance ADC and DAC

500 KHZ biggest adaptive gain amplifier is received and transmitted, controlled by DSP

below 250 mwatt low-power module

the built-in encryption/decryption function, can be used in the

* MAC layer communications security

* DSP software protection

turn QFN seal (48 pin 7 mmx7mm) Key applications

smart meter communication

intelligent street light control and communication

smart home/HEMS

electric vehicle charging pile communication

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