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by:Coolmay     2020-06-08
Many beginners PLC controller's friends have a problem is not sure where to begin, your total felling oneself learn along while, all seem to understand the knowledge points, but looking back and feeling in the heart of vacant, as if nothing master again, said you can't, the basis of the knowledge and know that you will say, how to use, and completely blind. I think lead to this situation is one of the main sticking point is not out of the traditional school learning methods, the stiff dogmatic study methods and bring in the practical operation, the technology and the accumulation of experience. Always imagine we are in the age of the students, do a roast duck slaughter of waiting for the teacher put all the knowledge summary, then, in the form of duck, no matter can't digest, in not to use, simple and crude instilled in us everything, we just has to open his mouth.

so we must ask, this method is not that we should learn how to? For learning, in my opinion, how much knowledge that is not the most important, the most important thing is to master the art of learning, especially the method of self-study. We should regard the teacher as a guide, their purpose is to learn the way you guide, is not even the wizard, just a signpost or a map, but eventually want to reach the finish line or want to rely on their own thinking and practice.

so before start learning need to know the following three points:

▋ is first, we should train your ability to find and acquire knowledge, it seems to me to find what we need knowledge of the most important tool is the search engine, as for how to use search engines to believe in the network so developed today, for we should use the Internet every day is not strange.

▋ second, many people ignore this, that is when we have mastered the knowledge how to cure it down, or you will forget it, any knowledge we rely on the brain memory will with the passage of time in our mind blurred its shape, over time it has acquired knowledge, we like monkeys and forget to discard it. If you want to make our knowledge can be accumulated, so every time after gaining new knowledge should be in the form of document will record it convenient to consult in the future.

▋ third, and most important is how do we choose what we want to learn knowledge, with the experience of our student is to learn, the more the better, every class is a good student, have high marks will see everybody love flowers bloom. Learning technology is different, however, no one can finish all the technology in the world, even if is to learn such a technology of PLC controller and no one can play with all brands of PLC of the master, so our learning strategies should be only a little, that is, only is nothing, of course if there is a strong interest in is another matter.

above at 3 o 'clock is myself with blood lessons summed up some personal experience, is only for your reference.

then tell you a little bit real to master the learning method, learning for us, but should be a happy thing, the pain of study, in my opinion and practice martial arts can't find the method finally possessed a truth. Everybody has the way of his size is positive solutions, to learning the bitter work or free.

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