Built-in type PLC and the analysis of the characteristics of the independent model of PLC

by:Coolmay     2020-06-29

because of the programmable controller has the characteristics of precious ( Such as control variable, with good flexibility; The process oriented language, programming is convenient; Functional; Extension, convenient and flexible configuration; System structure is simple, convenient installation and debugging; High reliability) To become an indispensable part of the CNC device. Programmable controller used in the numerical control machine has two types, namely the built-in type PLC controller and PLC independent model.

built-in type PLC features are:

( 1) Its performance index by the CNC device belonging to determine performance specifications. Its hardware and software as the basic function of the CNC device, unified design has the advantages of compact structure, strong suitability.

( 2) It has Shared with CNC microprocessor and a dedicated microprocessor two types. The former CNC the scope of the microprocessor is used to complete the function of PLC, I/O points less; The latter with independent microprocessors, for more complex sequence program and requiring fast speed of action.

( 3) It with CNC other circuits within a chassis, share a power supply and ground.

( 4) Its hardware circuit and other circuit CNC production in the same piece of printed circuit boards, also can be made into a separately attached printed circuit board.

( 5) Its foreign no single configuration of I / 0 interface circuit, but the use of CNC device itself I / 0 interface circuit.

( 6) The built-in type PLC, expanded the CNC internal deal directly with the window of the communication function, can use ladder diagram editor and transmit advanced control function, and low cost, improve the performance of the CNC/price ratio.

the characteristics of the independent model of PLC is:

( 1) Can be flexible according to the requirement of the nc machine tools to control the function of choose and buy or developed.

( 3) Can expand the CNC control functions, can be formed by two or more additional axis control.

( 4) On the performance/price as built-in type PLC.

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