By importing Absocoder simple implementation of conveyor belt production line - synchronous monitoring of three solutions Industrial control -

by:Coolmay     2020-06-03
By importing the Absocoder simple implementation of conveyor belt production line synchronous monitoring.

solution 1 read the absolute position data, implement a simple production line monitoring for high resolution way absolute location data can be read into the programmable controller CPU at a high speed. Can easily monitor the line speed and line synchronization error between lines running status, etc. Even when the power cut off the production line is still in operation, the recovery position data is not lost. Without having to perform tedious origin recovery actions can start running again. Absocoder for absolute way. Even the power cut off and occasional disturbance, also can correctly detect position, improve the reliability of the production line. In addition, don't need to do the origin recovery actions, so can shorten the time when the start line. And Absocoder is implemented without battery, maintainability is also improved.

solution 2 units of Q series corresponding transformation, simple implementation positioning system will converter ( 与- - - - - - Q62,VSQ262) Installed to the Q series, just connect the sensor cable can be used. Don't need to create the program, need to read in data, start the adjustment is done easily. NSD company production VS - Q62, VSQ262 is with high reliability, high durability of Absocoder detector using PLC unit type converter after combination. They are producing MELSEC - with the company Q series programmable controller, thus can be installed directly to the Q series PLC on the base of the unit, to save Absocoder has values to the programmable controller CPU data transceiver with buffer memory, and simple to read in the location data. In addition, the use of specialized software ( 与- - - - - - Q62 / Q262 - 企业级数据仓库) After, still can set number through the computer display, edit, greatly reduce the parameter bindings in the ladder diagram of set operations.

solution 3 through confirm the content of the alarm and backup unit parameters can achieve rapid recovery by programmable controller CPU confirm converter alarm content, and quickly find the fault position. Moreover, the parameters of the converter can also backup, in order to quickly recover in the event of a failure. System example

technology zone collected through MES interface real-time response to many varieties of three to relieve pressure in device control data by importing Absocoder simple implementation of conveyor belt production line synchronous monitoring of three solving Fang Hai for PLC to realize the sound of the fountain in the music fountain, light, water, perfect control design why industrial camera so vicious price competition, exactly how to use the utility geometry ZhuoLan N2N product implementation for mitsubishi PLC controller so remote monitoring function
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