CNC pipe bender and multifunctional pipe bending machine system design and development

by:Coolmay     2020-06-15
Since the reform and opening up, China's pipe bending machine industry after several years of high-speed development, whether the host industry or function parts industry have made great progress, but the feature industry development speed to lag behind the host industry, the CNC pipe bender is the short board of industrial development, the development of the features of pipe bender need more support. High speed, high precision, servo axis external linkage, the compound function of pipe bender is the main direction of future development.

30 years of rapid economic development in the reform of the 21st century, the new factory set up in a wide range of industries, such as plant, equipment, transportation equipment demand has increased dramatically, and all kinds of metal pipe fittings consumption has far cannot meet the requirements, the appearance of many metal pipe fittings also are diversified and complicated development request, which has given rise to CNC pipe bending machine system and multifunctional pipe bending machine design and development. The traditional simple 2 d pipe bending machine have been unable to meet the demand of complex industrial development. Three-dimensional CNC pipe bender is under the background of the gradual development and gradual development, at present only in the early development of the industry, the future is more intelligent, informatization compatible high-end CNC pipe bending opportunities are endless. Programming controller ( PLC) In the application of pipe bending machine control system to complex request bend to provide technical guarantee system. Until now because of the domestic air conditioning, automobiles, furniture, the rise of tourism products and other industries on the demand of pipe bender attack from quantity to quality, so also gave rise to the pipe bender high-end technology leap, finally into the pipe bending machine industry of numerical control technology and CNC numerical control intervention is a bent pipe industry technology leap, no matter from the bend on the speed and precision has a considerable qualitative leap. Because all kinds of CNC pipe bender, industry is different, so the process of objects and processes are also different, the structure of the CNC CNC pipe bender is mainly by three ways: A. Using the embedded nc system directly. Advantage is the high degree of freedom of programming, can according to different pipe bending request, don't need too much mechanical intervention, using the programming to be able to finish the homework, but for the personnel of the programming quality request is higher. Ordinary type does not support bend XYZ coordinate geometry data input. B。 Adopt PLC programmable controller, position/speed control unit, touch screen, the control mode of separating ac servo drive unit. PLC controller ladder diagram, the STL programming position/speed control unit and a touch screen separation of organic, direct input pipe bending processing data, support bend XYZ coordinate geometry data to bend YBC processing data conversion. PLC controller hardware firm sex is high, anti-jamming is strong, easy maintenance and software development again. C。 Using industrial-grade computer, servo motor control board and ac servo units, system software by C language and VB visualization program is completed, can use computer resource diversity and functional depth, can be used in complex movement process, mechanical track very complicated mechanical structure application. Besides has the function of 2 ways, has increased the function of pipe material processing machinery intervention. Sex is slightly lower than the hardware of PLC system.

PLC, position/speed control unit, touch screen, the control mode of separating ac servo drive unit. Pipe bending machine system design by two has manual and automatic operation mode, automatic mode and can be divided into step with bending and origin of permeate bending, convenient for processing a variety of complex pipe fittings. About pipe fittings with different bending radius, the use of upper and lower switch to complete the bend mold processing. For special pipe bending processing request, the linkage design, synthesis and appropriate actions, such as auxiliary driving to prevent mechanical intervention, completed the pipe bending process automation.

automatic CNC pipe bending machine combined with automatic up-down material plane, can realize unmanned automatic production, achieve automatic production in the true sense, dependence on people meet minimum automatic equipment, to realize intelligent manufacturing and information interaction, workshop, office, leadership, and for the whole production process, product quality further.

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