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by:Coolmay     2020-06-29
First of all, please remember: learning PLC is from simple to complex, step by step. If the effort, can learn the basis of elementary school culture, skilled, but learn to be familiar with college culture. Want to learn, don't give up easily.

a few questions about learning PLC:

1, is there a link between PLC and degree study?

the answer is no, want to learn to work on. No degree limit. Just learning time length. Is not the same as the starting point, but we end point and the target is the same. Is learning to the PLC. Of course have electrician foundation learn faster.

2, should choose what kind of brand PLC began to learn?

market mainstream PLC manufacturers have mitsubishi, Siemens, omron, AB, etc. , mitsubishi, I recommend the first learn to learn Siemens, basically understand these two, don't worry about finding a job.

mitsubishi is thinking for asians, Siemens is the European people's mind. European PLC programming thought is given priority to with structured programming; Japanese is linear programming of PLC. Professional electrical technology should know mitsubishi FX, Q; Siemens 200300 series.

there are three common, mitsubishi PLC, from the programming between have similarities, there are also differences:

FX series minicomputer for beginners, general small engineering using the PLC will be enough.

Q series mainframe familiar with FX will learn it later.

series A mainframe is not recommended in the study.

Siemens is also divided into large and medium-sized machine and small:

Siemens PLC S7 - 200 series:

minicomputers minicomputer control points, generally within a 256 - point, suitable for single or small system control. Siemens PLC S7 -

Series 300 medium-sized machine:

medium machine control points is generally not more than 2048 points, of equipment can be used to control directly, can also for multiple monitor to the next level of programmable controller, it is suitable for control of the control system of medium or large. Siemens PLC controller S7 -

400 series

mainframe, the mainframe control points generally greater than 2048 points, not only can accomplish more complex arithmetic can also complex matrix operations. It not only can be used to direct control equipment, can also for multiple monitoring programmable controller to the next level.

3, selected the PLC brand, we should learn how to get to? First, from which aspects? Need to know what knowledge and prepare what learning tools?

PLC beginners suggested learning steps:

1: video tutorials, find some PLC is really than you read a book tour.

2: prepare the programming software and simulation software, programming, simulation, according to the AnLiXue

3: then learn relay, decelerator, counter

4: meet all kinds of sensors, switches, solenoid valve, motor and its related knowledge

5: buy a PLC as a learning machine and a computer

6: to simulate some cases can do his speaking, keep trying.

above 6 points, has transcended the PLC a beginner, you should be able to get a small case

for the PLC has introduction of advanced, next you need to learn the application function of PLC, in the actual production equipment often use servo, stepper, inverter, touch screen devices such as combination, wants to be able to be familiar with the use of these devices are combined, we need to process control, position control of PLC, communication control functions such as learning, if conditional word, suggest you also can like a skill into learning the chassis assembly equipment, can put a PLC, servo, inside the box analog equipment, stepper motor, and so on. The equipment is home, and then their assembly, and then make your own field practice use. For learning PLC has a very big help!

for learning PLC, can field the only standard inspection results. So be sure to yourself to do more speaking, more practice, to know yourself whether you learn what, and where it won't work? Their flexible adaptations, to drill down. Learn in the end, for a basic mechanical principles to understand some of the so-called mechanical and electrical and machinery.

for learning PLC, like learning English. Everybody starting point may be different, but our goal is consistent. No electrician foundation, we can lay a solid foundation, step by step. Don't know the English words, words we start learning. Did not learn won't technology, only don't work hard.

someone said no foundation, learn PLC is very difficult, not? That I want to ask, you really hard?

Wow, this sounds like a bit of a cruel question, but it is a vitally important question to ask yourself if you are struggling with your plc controller price and you would like to stop the plc manufacturers problem.
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