Connections - about PLC and sensor - programmable logic

by:Coolmay     2020-07-01
Many automation industry will encounter all sorts of signal processing, signal is complicated because of the different products, so the signal processing is also, in terms of Angle sensor, it also has a lot of kinds of signal form, do a lot of PLC programming engineers by its bitter, so small make up today (we) collect all sensors connected to the PLC, specific as follows:

sensor output form has the following kinds: PNP and NPN and PUSH - Two wire PULL, NAMUR, relay, analog voltage/current, IO - The LINK, serial ports, such as 485/232 ( Because of the various types of signals are not identical, so characteristics is different also, here the signal is not to do) 。 That would be a way to do understand us.

a, PNP, PNP transistor is belong to the drop-down load resistance ( COM side negative) ( All resistance is sensor's own, without additional resistance) Connection, need to put the input signal received from the PLC, negative COM from PLC power supply. ( The PLC must be PNP)

two, NPN, NPN transistor is to belong to the load resistance ( COM port is) Connection, need to put the input signal received from the PLC, power supply has been receiving the COM on PLC. ( The PLC must be NPN)

three, PUSH - PULL type, because the PUSH - PULL push-pull output is PNP and NPN type, namely a signal lines can either output PNP and NPN output, the output signal which is about to see your wiring methods. Connection mode is the same as above, if your PLC is PNP, it took negative two signal lines and power supply; If the PLC is NPN signal lines and power are the two root.

4, NAMUR, NAMUR output is usually used in explosion-proof environment, so the signal must first to the safe from the land, and then by the safe from the land through to the PLC controller.

5, two wire system relay type, the connection is the most simple, only need to put the sensor as a normally open or normally closed switch string in the input circuit.

6, analog voltage/current, the signal of PLC can't direct acquisition, must get the signal to the corresponding analog acquisition module, and then by the analog module to the PLC. Words took sensor output signal lines and power negative two root.

7, IO - LINK type, this is a way of comparing fire, IO - Output LINK sensor signal of PLC is also unable to identify, must first put the IO - The LINK signal to an IO - LINK module and the module through the way of bus communication with PLC.

8, a serial port output type, this type of output need to send/receive the serial port to the corresponding PLC controller serial port module, this just pay attention to the connection is negative.

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