Da converter + PLC + touch screen + temperature control table - combined to realize complete system solutions

by:Coolmay     2020-06-27
1, the introduction

plastic film equipment has a broad market, such as film packaging, medical and health care, penetration items, especially health and products of penetration, has a more strict requirements on products. Such equipment is mainly imported from Europe and the United States in the past, because of the high cost and maintenance cost, some domestic enterprises also begin to develop, the price is only about 1/10 of the imported equipment. This paper mainly introduces our company cooperate with customer use of frequency converter, PLC controller, touch screen control system, temperature control table development.

2, project background introduction

the factory adopts the original synchronous controller + make synchronous adjustment of the frequency converter, PLC, frequency converter, synchronous device, temperature control table, and other products brands are different, use rise especially service more troublesome, after communication with customers and ultimately determine the use of frequency converter + PLC + touch screen + temperature control table for complete system solutions.

3, solution

this equipment adopts RS232 communication between touch screen with PLC controller, considering station is more likely to affect the communication speed, so the temperature controller, inverter, PLC and touch screen respectively using RS485 communication connection, the following graph:

first boot into the main monitor screen, here you can set each parameter data and viewing device;

through the button, can according to ( Figure 4) In the switch is between frequency conversion synchronous operation.

each inverter speed can directly on the jump out to the small keyboard input Numbers, can also through the small pop-up window by up and down keys for fine-tuning.

( FIG. 1)

temperature setting and display, in the industry mostly USES the average temperature control instrument, original set and check the temperature when need to relevant personnel to run in the past, especially in the mold, cold water machine installed in the equipment above, every change Settings are climbing up and down, very inconvenient.

this we have adopted in temperature control table with RS485 communication interface, all temperature setting and monitoring of information can be directly on the touch screen operation, and can be modified according to process requirements, at any time really convenient and quick.

area below the middle position is the die temperature setting interface;

( FIG. 2)

this page is primarily to work with the main monitoring picture of frequency inverter speed correction parameters to set and modify, and can store the different products production parameters, next time again production of the product direct call parameter formula can, greatly saves time, and also reduce the waste of material.

( Figure 3)

due to cancel the original use of synchronous controller, now all motor synchronization are given by the frequency converter after operation by PLC, this page can be set respectively each inverter speed proportional relationship.

winding length setting, by setting the parameters, can make the winding motor when reach the set length automatically, automatic cut off the original products, at the same time in above the scroll, in order to achieve the production line without stop in shaft of product.

( Figure 4)

4, interference problem and the solution

since all inverter temperature control table adopt RS485 communication, convenient at the same time, the main problem is the interference problems, in order to prevent the occurrence of interference, we in the design of all adopt the twisted-pair shielded wire, but in the process of debugging, we found that the main motor starts on the pressure gauge data is flashing, and proximity switch lamp has been bright, check wiring has no effect, add filter afraid time too late, it directly in the inverter output with a magnetic ring, so far there are no more problem feedback.

5, the complimentary because of time problem, this time we just on the basis of the original equipment with a integration of mechanical and electrical products, winding institutions or use the tension controller for constant tension control, preliminary to meet the design requirements, equipment operation up to now, the customer says everything is normal, subsequent preparation in VE series inverter is applied to make the whole closed-loop, constant tension control.

at the same time, draw lessons from the experience, we can apply in products extends to other needs communication control, synchronization control, tension control of the situation.

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