DCS system and PLC system - how to choose Industrial control -

by:Coolmay     2020-06-04
The Internet industry is developed after the automation, information technology, automation technology experience will be more and more Internet reference by industry. In the process of industrial Internet research, automation theory has great help to me.

self-control design work is often encountered in the actual choice DCS system and PLC system, make the designer or the user feel confused, the following is our some opinions and Suggestions on this issue, for your reference. First DCS system, PLC control system, can complete the production process of detection, control and management, but there are also some difference, mainly include:

1, the development aspect

before the DCS system, industry is to adopt computer control system, a computer control dozens, hundreds of control circuit, control high concentration risk is extremely high, with the development of electronic technology, the appearance of the microprocessor, in order to solve the problems of the high risk control concentration, produce based on microprocessor, control technology, computer technology and communication technology for the integration of distributed control, centralized monitoring control system ( The DCS system) , so also known as distributed control system DCS system and distributed control system, etc.

DCS is biased towards the instrument's overall design idea, therefore, the earliest production of DCS system or even no logic control function, with the development of the technology function also gradually improve.

is PLC controller instead of relay realize logic control device, only the earliest production of PLC logic control function, its function is also constantly improve, along with the development of the technology on the basis of PLC control system composed of DCS system in its function and basic similar, also widely used in continuous production process control, such as Siemens PCS7 system and DCS system of production.

2, platform and function aspects in terms of platform and the function, the primary difference between PLC and DCS are as follows: one is the data source is different, the DCS system is global database, control and monitoring data from the same database; And PLC system control and monitoring data from different databases, so the control software and the monitoring software can be a different supplier, high degree of marketization. 2 it is to different control function, DCS simulation signal processing ability, PLC logic signal processing ability, processing speed is fast. Three different is on-line modification program, DCS can be on-line modification according to the control circuit configuration, bottoms, affect only the control loop. On-line modification and PLC program bottoms affects the whole PLC controller station, wide influence. , of course, no matter which system normally online modification have protective measures, does not affect the normal operation of the production process.

3, construction investment, under normal circumstances, the DCS system of investment is slightly higher than the PLC system, the main reason is that the PLC output, high degree of marketization, so the cost is relatively lower. The difference between the DCS system and PLC system has a lot of, you can access to other data, in this is no longer here.

from the main difference between DCS system and PLC system can be seen that the DCS system is suitable for continuous production process primarily occasions, such as petroleum chemical industry, papermaking, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industrial fields. PLC system is suitable for intermittent ( Batch) The production process, such as automotive, steel, packaging production line of control.

special remind a bit when choosing system, PLC system has the advantage that the processing speed is fast, Can achieve millisecond) , no matter what kind of situation, if the request processing speed should choose PLC system, DCS system to achieve the same take up control station a large number of resources, processing speed is very uneconomical.

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