Debugging design finished 7 steps - electrical system

by:Coolmay     2020-06-04
Many electrical novice in after electric control cabinet and PLC program design links such as, unclear debugging should be how to start, or some people because of inappropriate debug method leads to the PLC burned and so on questions, then finish design of electrical system should be how to debug? In accordance with the following seven steps.

1, according to the drawing check the loop ( Not sending state) General drawing of PLC controller system contains drawings and tank drawings contained in the two parts; Rack drawing refers to the cabinet internal wiring diagram; Tank drawings are all in the wiring diagram of electric cabinet. This part needs to be checked is; 1 design is reasonable, including the capacity of the various components and so on. 2 check whether components according to drawing connections in strict accordance with the drawings. In this process, the most important thing to notice is that check the power supply, 1 to ensure that the circuit without short circuit. 2 ensure the strong and weak electricity not together; Because of the PLC power is 24 v, because once the wiring error 220 v in the PLC, PLC controller or expand module burn easily.

2, check the PLC external loop, which is commonly known as the 'dot' after sending the power supply is confirmed, the test input and output points, which is commonly known as the 'dot', IO points need each testing, including operating button and stop button, and operation indicator light and cylinder and the limit switch, etc. , the specific method is a person on the scene side action buttons, etc. , the other people in the PLC monitoring measuring input and output signal; For large system should be established test table, namely ready after test.

if there is a connection error found in the process of the construction of the local need immediate attention. This step should be noted that need to be after the backup process to empty the inside of the PLC program or disabled, avoid actions as a result of the test equipment.

3, check the mechanical structure and test the motor load this step need to check whether the mechanical structure is tighten, and so on, whether motor class load completes the corresponding protection, avoid the accident caused by accident, after the completion of the inspection need to manually to test equipment operation, such as the counter-rotating motor, need to test lines are in good condition and charged trial run, frequency converter class to set corresponding parameters and motor optimization, static or dynamic recognition, etc. It is important to note here for some special loads, such as vertical class move up and down load need to be done by professionals, so as to avoid accidents caused by improper control test.

4, debugging, manual mode/semi-automatic mode and the logical relation IO points and lateral load tests, the next is the manual mode for debugging. The manual mode can also be called a semi-automatic mode, not directly with the hand to push the electromagnetic valve or contactor, etc. , but through the button or button to drive devices, such as HMI is corresponding with automatic state. Manual mode of the test can be automatically mode according to the person's willingness to decompose, convenient test program. This link is the most important is to test the safety function, namely the test stop under the equipment running status, whether safety grating, and so on function played a role.

5, according to the production process commissioning automatic mode in semi-automatic debugging finished, can further debugging work automatically. This link is one of the most important, need to test all kinds of chain according to the production process, including the logical chain, security chain, and to test a few more work cycle, to ensure that the system can correct work continuously.

6, special process test

in addition to logic control in PLC system, there are a lot of expansion of functions, such as PID control, etc. , when, after the completion of the basic logic debugging can begin to debug analog, pulse volume control. The mainest is suitable control parameters. Generally speaking, the process is longer. Patience, parameters are also will be a variety of options, and then choose the best performers. Some of the PLC, it can be obtained through the self-tuning of PID parameters. But the self-tuning process, and it takes considerable time to complete.

7, complete all of the above steps in the whole debugging is basically done. Next to the steps in the process of the production, the production is the production of work before testing, in this phase can cooperate with production in some special tests, such as whether meet the production rhythm, load cases security functions can also play a role, etc. , general continuous production after a certain period of time can be completed project. Beginners especially need to pay attention to the power supply, remember when I was years ago debugging first project, because of the construction units will be big belt pull switch contact 220 v and 24 v contact wrong ( For safety belt of the stretching wire switch device, two groups of contacts, a group of 220 v disconnect control circuit, another group of 24 v into the PLC) , resulting in burned a digital quantity input template, and then a long memory, debugging again must distinguish between 220 and 24, haven't seen. Do you have anything to add? Can share with everyone!

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