Debugging GCAN - PLC connection interruption problems when screening method

by:Coolmay     2020-06-04
GCAN - PLC is a programmable logic controller ( PLC) 。 Its exquisite appearance, high cost performance, free expansion, etc. GCAN - PLC can use OpenPCS software programming, the software supports accord with IEC - 61131 - 3 the five standards specified in the standard programming language, which makes the program has a strong portability and reusability, and also has a variety of debugging the software ( Such as breakpoint, single step, monitoring, etc. ) , it is more convenient to make debugging process.

from Shanghai job in a company, using our PLC when connected to meet below error.

the cause of this problem is generally software set communication parameters is not correct, in asking job OpenPCS software set communication parameters specific what he gave me the following screenshots:

we can see from the screenshot, serial port number is COM4, who is 9600, the data communication baud rate is 8, no check, stop bit is 1, the agreement is not. After I again let the job in the computer finds GCAN - device manager PLC controller serial port, and he gave me after find out the following screenshots:

we see from the above screenshot, PLC computer access to the actual serial number is COM4 COM2 rather than software, so will job connection times communication error caused by this problem, in OpenPCS software serial communication port Settings into COM2 after can normal communication and download programs.

no matter use what communication methods are necessary to set the parameters accurately, can normal communication, so when debugging PLC devices such as a serial port connection, mostly because of communication parameter setting error, such as: the COM port setting error, the COM hanging dead occupied, the COM, etc. In mistake, check the computer device manager can determine the COM port number, then look at any other software running, etc. , using a serial port when necessary to restart the computer and then open the must to use the software, in order to avoid the COM hang dead or occupied.

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