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by:Coolmay     2020-06-10
Industrial control system ( ICS) ( Also known as industrial automation and control systems) Is the floorboard of all sorts of control system type, it is by all kinds of automation control components and process of real-time data acquisition and monitoring control component, constitute the run industrial infrastructure automation, process control and monitoring of business process control system.

industrial control system includes many types of control system, which is common and easy to confuse the control system consists of data acquisition and monitoring system ( SCADA) , distributed control system ( DCS) , programmable logic controller ( PLC) 。 So, what is the difference between a SCADA, DCS and PLC?

DCS DCS system, the distributed control system, which is mainly used in the same environment, the geographical position control system for production process.

DCS system with the method of centralized monitoring to coordinate the local controller to perform the whole production process. Through the modular production system, DCS to reduce the influence of a single failure of the whole system. In many modern systems, set the interface between DCS system and enterprise system to be able to will be reflected in business operations in the production process.

DCS system used in oil refining, wastewater treatment plant, power plants, chemical plants and pharmaceutical industrial field, etc. These systems are usually used for process control or discrete control system.

SCADA SCADA system, namely data acquisition and monitoring system, is the core of the industrial control system, is mainly used to control the spread of assets of the same important to control the same data collection.

SCADA system integrates the data acquisition system, data transmission system and HMI software, to provide a centralized monitoring and control, in order to process the input and output. SCADA system is designed to collect information about the scene, the transmission of the information to the computer system, and in the form of images or text display this information. As a result, the operator can be from a centralized location in real-time monitor and control the entire system, according to the complexity of each system and related Settings, control of any single system, automatically perform related operations or tasks, this can also be performed by the operator command to automatically.

SCADA system is mainly used in distributed systems, such as water treatment, oil and gas pipelines, electricity transmission and distribution systems, railways and other public transportation systems.

PLC controller PLC system, programming logic controller. PLC is in the order of the traditional controller is introduced on the basis of microelectronics technology, computer technology, automatic control technology and communication technology and form a new generation of industrial control device, the purpose is to replace relay, perform logical, sequential control functions such as time, counting, establish a flexible SPC system. The international electrotechnical commission ( IEC) Issued regulations on PLC: programmable controller is a kind of digital computing operations electronic systems, specially designed for application in industrial environment. It USES a programmable memory, used in its internal storage to perform logical operations, sequential control, timing, counting and arithmetic operations such as instruction, and through digital and analog input and output, control various types of machinery or production process. Programmable controller and related equipment, should press easily and industrial control system to form a whole, easy to expand its function on the principle of design.

in the industrial automation and control system of the network system structure, the control of PLC as an important component, is usually applied in a SCADA and DCS system, is used to realize the specific operation of industrial equipment and process control, providing the local loop control of process management. Total '

from the above content, it's easy to see:

SCADA, DCS is a kind of concept, and PLC controller is one kind of product, all is not comparable to:

1, PLC is one kind of product, which can form SCADA, DCS;

2 is developed the process control, DCS, PLC is relay - Logic control system developed;

3, PLC is equipment, DCS and SCADA system.

narrowly said, DCS is mainly used for process automation, PLC is mainly used for factory automation, The production line) , for SCADA main demand of wide area, such as oil field, thousands of miles of pipeline. If from the point of view of computer and network, they are unified, there are differences, mainly in the application of the requirements, the DCS often requires advanced control algorithm. As in the oil refining industry, PLC to require high processing speed, because often use on the interlock, and even fail safe system, SCADA also has some special requirements, such as vibration monitoring, flow calculation, load the valley, and so on.

so, can also be simple:

SCADA scheduling management is

DCS is

PLC controller station management field equipment layer

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