Differential pressure transmitter working principle, application range and different models of differential pressure transmitter is introduced in detail

by:Coolmay     2020-06-18
In instrument automation, the application of differential pressure transducer is quite widespread, it is mainly used for measuring tank, the medium inside the container, such as reactor pressure, differential pressure signal can be converted to standard analog signal, and transmitted to the DCS or PLC controller to realize automatic control of pressure. In situ of the differential pressure show that we can use differential pressure table for comparison, data remote transmission of differential pressure we are generally done by differential pressure transmitter.

a, the working principle of differential pressure transmitter.

2, the application range of the differential pressure transmitter.

3, the basic classification of differential pressure transmitter.

1, the DDZ type differential pressure transmitter.

2, vector pressure ( Differential pressure) The transmitter.

3, capacitance pressure ( Differential pressure) The transmitter.

4, diffusion silicon pressure ( Differential pressure) The transmitter.

5, EJA pressure ( Differential pressure) The transmitter, the most widely used differential pressure transmitter.

4, differential pressure transmitter input process.

5, differential pressure transmitter failure instance.

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