Do the design of PLC control program, five steps - need to understand Industrial control -

by:Coolmay     2020-07-01
Design of PLC controller control program, generally can be divided into the following five steps: 1. The preparing work before programming the preparing work before

programming is to understand all the functions of the control system, scale, control mode, the amount and type of the input/output signals, whether to have special functions of interface and its relationship with other equipment, the content and way of communication, etc. , to the whole control system to establish the concept of a whole. Then further familiar with the controlled object, the control object and control function, according to requirements of the response signal purpose or control region classification, determine the physical location of test equipment and control equipment, understanding of each detection signal and control signal of the form, function, and the relationship between the scale.

2。 Design program block diagram

according to the general requirements of software design specification and the specific situation of the control system, to determine the basic structure of the application, according to the program design standards to map the structure diagram, and then according to the technological requirements, draw the flow chart of the function of each functional unit.

3。 Write programs

according to the design of block diagram detailedly write control program. In the process of writing to add annotations to program in a timely manner.

4。 When debugging debugging

first obtains from each function unit, set the input signal, observe the change of output signal. After completion of each function unit commissioning, again all program debugging, debugging interface of each part, until satisfied. Program debugging can be done in the laboratory, can also be in the field. If in the field test, the programmable controller system and the signal must be isolated, can cut off the input/output of the template external power supply, lest cause mechanical equipment. After first found in the process of program debugging error, error correction. Basic principle is & other; Find errors, gather correct & throughout; 。

5。 Program description

usually control requirements in the specification, program structure, flow chart and give the necessary instructions, and gives a program installation operation procedures, etc.

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