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by:Coolmay     2020-07-05
Between electrical control circuits and PLC control principle is interlinked, natural electric control can through PLC is more convenient, efficient, so how is the concrete electric control circuit? What is converted into a ladder diagram, and then into the PLC controlled logic instruction, in order to more clear intuitive that changes all the way, we in the most simple: button interlock and reversing control circuit as an example.

a, electrical control part.

1, button interlock and reversing the introduction of the control circuit. 2,

button interlock and reversing control main circuit.

3, button control circuit of interlock and reversing control.

4, button interlock and reversing the role of a control circuit components

5, button interlock and reversing control circuit working principle.

6, button interlock control circuit of positive &negative various protection measures.

7, button interlock and reversing the advantages and disadvantages of control circuit.

8, button interlocking positive and negative to control circuit physical wiring diagram.

two, PLC controller into parts.

2, PLC controller hardware connection, external connection.

3, PLC ladder diagram.

4, by the logic of ladder diagram into instruction.

electrical control circuit is the basis of the function of PLC, familiar with the circuit diagram is the basis of the introduction to the PLC. Circuit diagram corresponding transformation logic instructions, step by step, at the time of learning can analysis it easy after the first difficult, similar analysis method.

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