Electroplating production line control system based on PLC and touch screen - is analysed Industrial control -

by:Coolmay     2020-06-26
In the process of industrial production control, PLC has a very wide range of applications. In machinery manufacturing, petrochemical, metallurgical steel, automobile, light industry and other fields of application have been greatly developed, especially widely used in metallurgy chemical industry.

a smelter electroplating production line adopts special driving, driving the rack is equipped with lifting hook, hook each by an electric motor driving and drag, driving are both kind and hook lift by the corresponding limit switch (3 3. Existing three slot on the production line, can also according to the production needs and technical requirements of extension. The system has manual and automatic cycle of two works, the manual way for equipment debugging or fails to achieve single-step or adjust the equipment to the original position. In automatic mode, electroplating production line does not work, driving, hook in the in situ, packed artifacts, just press the start button and hook up, up to the ceiling, stop running hook; Driving to drive the hook right to the plating tank, traffic stop running; Then hook down, down to the lower limit, the artifacts in the plating tank, plating after the 150 s, 30 s, parking for plating solution from the artifacts back into the plating bath; And then driving the right to the recycling tank, hook, the workpiece in the recycling tank for 26 s, filed a park after 18 s, then drive to the right to clear water tank, the workpiece in the clear water tank cleaning 28 s and finally comes to park after 15 s, the left to the left of driving limit, hook fell in situ, the whole process of electroplating an artifact.

the system USES the relay contactor control system, because of a malfunction, inconvenient operation parameters adjustment, again not have monitoring function, production and operation management to bring so much inconvenience. So instead of using PLC controller and touch screen control, not only improve the degree of automation control, and in the process of system operation, also can use the touch screen changes to control the time required for the technical zone

why attacks against SCADA system is sharp escalation? SCADA system show avatar, pipeline data acquisition and monitoring control good helper industrial automation era, SCADA system plays a very important role in modern industrial control system is physical isolation, thus has brought the new SCADA system using SCADA invasion scope expands unceasingly, is expected to market revenue to reach 73 by 2021. 400 million dollars
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