Elevator control system is realized by using PLC and frequency converter - hardware and software design Industrial control -

by:Coolmay     2020-06-03
= of PLC controller Programmable Logic Controller, Programmable Logic Controller, a digital computing operation of electronic systems, specially designed for applications in industrial environment. It USES a programmable memory for its internal storage procedures, to perform the logic operation, sequence control, timing, counting and arithmetic operations such as user-oriented instructions, and through the digital or analog input/output control various types of machinery or production process. Is the core part of industrial control.

in the large-scale industrial production line, due to the limitation of space, often have to split a line for a few process, were installed in several floors, so the process of the goods if using the traditional elevator to transfer goods, will bring a lot of inconvenience to the production, but also affects the production efficiency. Therefore, to design a direct connection of different floor production line of the hoist is necessary.

1, the process flow description

due to run down and up operation of the control method is the same, in the run up as an example to show the process flow, process simplified block diagram is shown in figure 1.

after press the start button, located on the transmission line of photoelectric relay began to detect whether there is a board on the conveyor belt, a plate through the open door control motor, the conveyor belt motor and lift the car into the plate, realize automatic into board; Into the board in place close the back door motor, automatic hoist up; Up reach the designated position, open the door, door control motor conveyor motor and lift the car starting start producing automatic plate; After completion of the plate into the next cycle. Figure 1

process flow diagram of the simplified

2, hardware design of elevator link of hardware design includes signal detection, door control links, transmitting motor control links, elevator car motor control links, frequency control of motor speed and motor drag link the mutual relationship between them is shown in figure 2.

figure 2 hoist control principle diagram

elevator is a typical sequence control, its running state control signal. Hoist signal detection is mainly completed by a series of travel switch and photoelectric sensor. This design USES the bonner engineering international co. , LTD. Production of photoelectric sensor and LSX travel switch.

door control motor and conveyor motor to achieve automatic door switch and cargo transport, USES the dc separately excited motor, when work requires simple braking process.

elevator inverter automatic torque vector control method; The EM - frequency conversion motor for panasonic standard A three-phase motor type FBH, 4. Inverter select panasonic DV707H - 5500 BC type inverter and three phase power supply R, S, T the terminal into the power inverter as its main circuit and control circuit, the output end of the U, V, W motor winding rapidly, N, P termination braking unit and brake resistance, in order to reduce braking time and accelerate the braking process, the brake of elevator mechanical system in the process of kinetic energy is converted into heat energy, the consumption on the braking resistance, so the elevator control cabinet to keep a good cooling conditions.

due to the amount of I/O systems only in 61, belongs to the small control system, the selection of OMRON CPM1A series PLC to form a system, the single machine capacity has not been able to expand to meet the requirements of the system must be attached.

40 the input signal and output signal 21 points, according to their respective function type with PLC controller I/O coding one-to-one correspondence, choreography good address.

3, the software design by process flow diagram, you can see the elevator if according to the typical sequence control program will bring a lot of repeat orders to the program, but if the elevator's PLC controller control program is divided into inching operation and automatic control two parts. Inching operation refers to the manual control module; Automatic control and automatic rising can be divided into modules, automatic drop module and card board automatic adjustment module three parts (

1) Point move

point move operation is mainly used for debugging or maintenance, these operations include manual open/close, manual into the plate/board, manual increase/decrease, but these operation must meet certain conditions can be achieved, thus in programming use chain IL directive ( 02) Chain with clear instruction (ILC 03) Before, as shown in figure 3, if IL condition is OFF, so that part of the between the IL and ILC program cannot perform; If IL is conditional ON before, so that part of the between the IL and ILC program is normal execution.

figure 3 inching operation program structure (

2) Automatic control

after due to stop or power failure recovery without through inching operation to complete the rest of the operation, or reset, so the auxiliary relay using electricity protective relay, timer also requires electricity protective function.

4, the complimentary with PLC and frequency inverter to control, makes the improve the control precision and reliability enhancement, improves the production efficiency. Good results have been achieved in practical application.
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