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Epidemic is merciless, Coolmay Person Is In Action


Spring 2020,

the outbreak of Wuhan New Coronary Pneumonia

Affect the hearts of people in the country and even the world


The epidemic prevention and control work has entered the most critical period

In order to win this war without Weapon of war

Protect the people

Life safety and health

Coolmay person did a lot of good things



In the process of "epidemic" line operations, except the person assigning to the front line, our Coolmay person also put in effort in this epidemic .

After the epidemic alert sounded, our coolmay partners received help signals from the shortage of protective equipment production equipment which come from everywhere.The protective clothing manufacturing equipment produced by dozens of companies cooperating with coolmay plays an indispensable and important role in the front line of epidemic prevention. In this case the existing inventory cannot meet the demand, these companies organize the production line to start production all day rapidly and urgently request support from our major suppliers.As a core component supplier of many protective equipment manufacturers, Coolmay,as a core component supplier of many protective equipment manufacturers, after receiving emergency notifications from our partners, we care about customers, and some employees spontaneously organized to return to the factory during the Spring Festival holiday, making full efforts to produce emergency with the shortest time and emergency coordination, the core PLC controller required for overtime production of protective manufacturing equipment has ensured the rapid and smooth production of protective manufacturing equipment, and has contributed to our efforts to prevent the epidemic.

In the limited time of these days, with insufficient staff and shortage of materials, Coolmay produced thousands of PLC integrated machine controllers for the production of protective products for all our partners. The automatic mask manufacturing machine controlled by our Coolmay PLC has stable and reliable low failure rate and fast production speed. The daily output of single machine masks can reach 50,000 to 100,000 pieces. The quality of the masks produced is good. The production of masks has shortened a lot of time, and has contributed greatly to win this war.



Willing to undertake major and difficult things, and bear responsibility at times of crisis,When people still enjoying three extended Chinese New Year holidays, there was a group of Coolmay person who resolutely abandoned their reunion with their family and relatives, took the initiative to set off from their home far away thousands of days in advance, and resolutely rushed to ShenZhen by car to return to themselves when we were scared to avoid the epidemic, they chose to return to their jobs.Everyone puts in a little effort, and it is precisely because of their selfless dedication that we have the most fundamental guarantee of defeating the epidemic in a short period of time.

In this special Spring Festival holiday of 2020, I firmly remember the name of each Coolmay"Forerunner" who made their best efforts to overcome the epidemic and various important strategic materials. Thanks to their unnecessary efforts, we will be able to win this war in the shortest time.

In the spring of 2020, with my dear colleagues, our partners, tens of thousands of front line workers, medical staff and the people of the whole country, the people in the affected areas will meet a bright future soon. Enjoy the beautiful scenery of Wuhan in the spring.

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