Equipment PLC in the point of failure analysis and processing method

by:Coolmay     2020-06-04
PLC controller point of failure analysis of equipment

1 point of failure in relay, contactor

such as the most frequent point of failure. Such as the daily maintenance of production line PLC controller control system, the electric spare part consumption is the biggest for all kinds of relay or air switch. Main reason in addition to the product itself, is the environment on site is poor, contactor contact easy lighter or oxidation, and then hot deformation until cannot be used. So reduce the fault should choose high-performance relay, as far as possible improve components using the environment, reduce the frequency of the replacement, in order to reduce their impact on the system is running.

2 point of failure in valves, gate

because the key to implement these types of equipment parts, generally larger, relative displacement or go through electric conversion, etc. Several steps to complete the valve or gate position transformation, or the use of electric actuators push-pull valve or gate position transformation, mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and so on each link does not reach the designated position slightly can produce error or malfunction. Long-term use of lack of maintenance, mechanical and electrical failure is the main reason for the failure, so in the runtime system to strengthen the inspection of such equipment, handle in time when problems found. My factory for such equipment set up a strict check system, check whether the valve deformation, flexible actuator is available, the controller is effective, such as well to ensure the effectiveness of the whole control system.

3 point of failure on the switch, limit element such as

the reason for this may be because of the long-term wear and corrosion aging may also be a long time. For this type of processing mainly reflects in the regular maintenance of equipment malfunction, always keep the equipment in good condition. Limit switches especially heavy equipment for the limit switch in addition to the regular maintenance, also in the process of design to join multiple protective measures.

4 on system equipment failure point

this kind of equipment such as terminal block, terminal, bolt and nut, etc. The causes of such failure and in addition to the making craft of the device itself cause the installation process, such as some people think that the cable is attached, and the screw is as tight as possible, but in the second when maintenance is easy to lead to remove the difficulties, to remove the fittings and adjacent parts easy to damage. Long-term flint, corrosion is the cause of failure. According to engineering experience, this kind of fault is usually hard to find, and maintenance. So in the equipment installation and maintenance must be installed in accordance with the requirements of the process, equipment hidden trouble.

5 point of failure in sensors and instrumentation

this kind of fault in the control system is generally reflected in the signal is not normal. This kind of equipment installation signal shielding layer should be single-ended reliable grounding, and as far as possible with the power cable, separate especially high interference inverter output cable. The discovery of this type of failure and processing are also associated with the daily point inspection, found that the problem should be dealt with in a timely manner.

6 in the power supply, ground and signal interference sources on the point of failure

when the problem is to solve or improve the main engineering design experience and observation analysis of routine maintenance. Although PLC controller control device is specially used in the scene, has taken many measures in design and manufacture, make it compare to the industrial environment, but in order to ensure that the system is stable and reliable, and shall make PLC have a good work environment conditions, and take necessary anti-interference measures.

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