Equipment remote management system, application of PLC in advantage of port crane equipment management Industrial control -

by:Coolmay     2020-07-10
In recent years, with the development of port logistics, and so did the demand of large port crane, port crane industry rapid development. At the same time to bring economic benefits to the enterprise to bring a series of problems. Equipment remote management system based on PLC can be very good for the enterprise to solve these problems.

1, the system structure of crane equipment management a) Equipment basic information management, Equipment name, specification, origin, manufacturer, etc. )

b) The preservation of the equipment location information ( Current address, latitude and longitude, etc. )

c) Maintenance equipment belonging to institutions and personnel information

d) Derivation of the equipment information ( excel/pdf/cvs……)

e) Configure the connection parameters and through the acquisition unit access platform

2 a) crane equipment configuration management Sensing module management

a sensor module build acquisition unit and channel of interaction between various types of lifting equipment

for crane equipment of the communication protocol parsing, encapsulation for the purposes of neat

partition type of equipment monitoring communication interaction types

strong scalability, can be customized a variety of PLC controller, sensor protocol

b) Monitoring parameters management

monitoring belongs to a sensor module, define the sensing module of the available parameters ( Analog and switch quantity, semaphore)

add, edit, delete, for sensing module parameters

threshold Settings, set the parameters of the limit of the range, defined level more kinds of alarms

3 crane equipment state management a) Equipment online

b) Equipment online time

c) The latest statistics data transceiver situation after the connection is established

4 crane equipment remote programming a) Remote uploads and downloads for equipment PLC controller program

b) The remote device PLC program debugging

5 crane equipment alarm management a) Acquisition unit data

b) According to the corresponding parameter alarm configuration judgment belongs alarm type, level, alarm content

c) Generate alarm basic information ( Produce time, contents, ownership device, belonging to address)

d) Pushed by SMS, email, mobile terminal, system messages within the station in a variety of ways to inform the alarm device responsible

e) Query and support for multiple conditions to list, pie charts show the alarm tracking statistics

technology zone intelligent remote monitoring system of industrial equipment design of PLC equipment remote management system, is applied to the advantage of sea port crane equipment management for PLC to detect relay from electricity to the closing time of solution for the British witten IVC1 - Mr 2416 series PLC in the control system of the meal ladder application design the British witten PLC application in the pressure filter design
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