Four kinds of PLC functional instruction system

by:Coolmay     2020-06-27
A collection of all instructions command system: PLC is the PLC instruction system. Command system according to its function can be divided into several types below.

(1) the basic logical operation instructions

the switch quantity and binary logic operation instruction, is the most simple PLC, which is the most basic instructions. All of the PLC have this kind of instruction, but also a beginner must learn and master the instructions.

2. Timing, counting instructions

this part is mainly used for the function of the timer and counter control. Is the most commonly used commands. With basic logic operation instruction, you can do all the logical control program design.

3. Stepping sequence control instructions

this is the PLC control program designed specifically for order instructions, its operands for specific programming element. Stepping sequence control instruction sequence control program design brings a great convenience.

(4) function command

represents a PLC instruction system performance or function of the PLC. Generally speaking, the PLC function is strong, good performance, its instruction system will be rich, not only instructions, and strong function, the application occasions are more widely.

in the end, it should be pointed out that, the PLC controller instruction system is based on the hardware, and the international language of instruction statement list is not standardized, so each manufacturer PLC instruction system is different; Even the same manufacturer, series model is different, also is not the same. Especially the mnemonic symbols, been quite large, functions have different meanings. PLC instruction system is must study and master before the programming, with no understanding of PLC instructions system and a variety of functions, equal to don't understand the grammar and can't write a good article.

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