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by:Coolmay     2020-06-15
Many engineers in the use of PLC controller digital input point of time, often will ask manufacturers PLC controller DI points can meet NPN and PNP proximity switch, or a two wire system consulting/three-wire system/four wire how proximity switch and PLC controller DI point connection, this week to share with everybody simple these two problems.

first of all let's say the proximity switch, close to its object element with the ability to 'sense', don't need to come into contact with this kind of sensor is detected objects, when there is a move to the sensor object, and close to a certain distance, the sensor has the 'perception', is often called the distance 'distance' detection sensors sensitive characteristics of objects close to switch, is close to switch, proximity switch in two wire, three wire system and four wire system.

1, the two wire proximity switch (

1) There are two wire

2) Need in series circuit using

3) Equivalent to an ordinary switch, have a positive negative

2, three-wire system proximity switch (

1) Three wire

2) Requires a separate power supply to work

3) Output all the way, two output forms: NPN/PNP

3, four wire proximity switch (

1) Four wire

2) Requires a separate power supply to work

3) Two lines of output, NC/NO

4) Output format: NPN/PNP

we simply introduced the above three kinds of proximity switch, so in the practical application of proximity switch how to connect to PLC digital input? Below we to d UN 214 - one hundred million 1 bd23 - 0 xb8 CPU for example.

1, two wire close to switch, and the UN - 214 1 bd23 - 0 xb8 DI connection

2, three-wire system NPN proximity switch and the UN - 214 1 bd23 - 0 xb8 DI connection

3, three-wire system PNP proximity switch and the UN - 214 1 bd23 - 0 xb8 DI connection

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