How do I select the PLC model - a beginner

by:Coolmay     2020-06-29

in the PLC, also said that difficult is not difficult, is nothing more than logic. Beginners, try to give priority to with simple to use, can use small mitsubishi PLC. FX5U series, for example, the price is not expensive, the software use works3, mitsubishi's official website to download, is free, simple to use, compared with the Siemens and step7, mitsubishi has better get started. When you are familiar with, have some experience, you can go with Siemens, mitsubishi, represented by the Japanese and Siemens PLC controller this European still have very big different, but the inherent logic really big difference.

of course, the best way to learn PLC or in the actual project, but if there is no condition, then you have to use the emulator, first to carry out simulation, look at your application if you have any questions.

in mitsubishi, for example:

can choose FX5U series of PLC controller, touch screen can choose mitsubishi own, also can choose other brands, such as the proface can also.

some intermediate relay, stepper motor or other small, open, button, indicator light, dc power supply, basic can set up a small demo system.

all this stuff, mostly in the electronic market.

say programming, mitsubishi software installation, with the help of form a complete set manual, in the face every instruction, has a detailed explanation, really don't understand, can go online to find answers, such as baidu.

or website support call again, looking for mitsubishi after-sales support, can be.

basically, worked in several projects, encounter problems, solve the problem, also the PLC touch is ripe, but if you want to achieve mastery, still need to work.

must be good at using the network resources, visit some website BBS, like Siemens website is good, mitsubishi's website also has a lot of free information, include the mitsubishi low-voltage industrial control aspects.

however, learning PLC this thing, how to say, or look at individual, attitude, intention, it is much harder.

when selecting a model also need to pay attention to the commonly used communication interface such as RS232, RS485, analog extended module is there, does not support the commonly used communication protocols and so on, some PLC controller communication module requires additional installation and the cost of the module is not low, try to choose their own communication module. Additional programming cable, programming software, and these also need to be the main driver, etc, the system requirements for software installation requires now a lot of all don't like WinXP system support, etc. , at the time of purchase can best supporting software, accessories together buy back behind use up very trouble.

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