How in the case of PLC power guarantee QO. O output time interval? - - - - - -

by:Coolmay     2020-06-16
Equipment S7 - 226. When Q0. Zero output, there are power cuts and abrupt stop, and PLC controller to electricity, Q0. Zero output again must interval for 30 seconds, my idea is when power down the system time, PLC controller electricity again, use SM0. 1 to read the system time, use again on electric system time into integer to lose electric system, such as more than 30 seconds with start QO, O conditions, this method is feasible? I use Micro & # 39; N on Power system time of the library to read and write program download to the PLC controller is always an error, is Micro & # 39; N there is something wrong with the Power of the library program I use?

as a complete solution, are as follows: 1, the battery card to the system configuration, data transfer of electricity long-term preservation 2, a cycle time interrupt activation system, interrupt time 1 s, or 0. 5 s, or 0. 1 s, according to the timing accuracy requirement, both to minimize the impact on normal scan. 3, there are two cycle time interrupt routine work: 3. 1 record the clock interrupt enter, and check the entry time and last time, when two time more than the interrupt the specified time interval, can think had an adjustable electric or CPU during downtime. 3. 2 if there was a power outage or CPU, check Q0. Zero output time condition is satisfied. 4, other cases Q0. Zero output time conditions in normal scan logic operation.

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