How the servo motor and PLC connection -

by:Coolmay     2020-07-02

how the servo motor and PLC connection? The first want to see you use servo motor which model, a location model, the speed and torque model, location model is commonly used in positioning function, the easiest way is the most common in the form of a pulse + direction to drive the servo drive, position signal is determined by how many of the pulse, the motor is determined by the direction of the signal. The mode of the most common speed and torque control mode is simulated, which are similar to control the frequency of the inverter. That how to connect with PLC controller and programming, we specifically the next below.

1 location model, so PLC pulse send need high speed output type must choose transistor instead of relay, connection mode to view the manual of the servo drive, commonly used way has open set method and the differential Linedriver way, ASDA - make Taiwan as below B2 servo series PLC controller and the connection method of the drive. As for PLC side in high-speed pulse output port is generally a fixed, not free to use other output port. Programming to see you use in what kind of occasion, if you are using a mitsubishi PLC has special positioning instruction, such as absolute position, relative position and the origin of regression instruction for our use.

2 speed torque model, USES the analog control we need to use the PLC analog extension DA modules to complete, first of all, we choose servo driver for speed or torque mode, set up necessary parameters such as the deceleration time commonly, speed range, etc. , the output of the DA module with drive analog input connections for dc - common signal 10 - 10 v, symbols represent motor rotation method, the numerical speed size. As for programming is relatively simple, just like our normal analog output program, is the digital quantity and actual speed corresponding or proportional relationship is good.

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