How to better solve the problem of industrial automation control -

by:Coolmay     2020-06-22
We know that in the process of intelligent factory accurate, delicate process control can help reduce the maintenance time and downtime for an enterprise to control cost and improve efficiency more and more important, which requires the connection must be stable and reliable. Industrial automation has entered into the high stage, how to better solve the problem of automatic control, TE latest solution is given.

2。 Intelligent machine: after numerous clients prove TE connector can satisfy the requirement of the growing efficiency of machine tool, quick installation, overcome the challenges of the rising and help you prepare for more intelligent factory.

3。 Shaping the future: with the rising demand for mass production, the basic elements in the process of injection molding machine has become a complex automation. Industry's stringent requirements, the pursuit of quality, reliability and production efficiency of driving the innovation of the mould machine. Mould machine is facing new challenges, including the growing demand for mass production. And te agent by mould machine more intelligent factory, help customers to better cope with the challenge.

4。 Servo drive to meet demanding production requirements: now the motor is more and more compact, but its internal function is increasingly diverse. Because the driver communication involves the increasing amount of data, thus reliable transport connections to achieve the highest possible transmission speed is very important. Now many companies have to automation solution as the standard solution, through the servo technology to improve production efficiency and cost effectiveness. Tyco by compact, flexible, reliable connection technology, achieve faster and more accurate feedback and control process, complete the goal of the interaction of servo motor and servo drive.

5。 Innovative process control: with PLC controller need to expanding the scope of executing tasks need to manage the amount of data increases significantly. In the field of industrial automation, communication between PLC and other control level, undertake the monitoring and reporting functions and the error in the process of recognition. Although these functional requirements increasing, and the size of the PLC controller become smaller, faster and more powerful. This means that new applications will continue to open, but also will bring new challenges. Tyco in the rapid development of industrial control in the market for clients to achieve higher accuracy and security of PLC controller solution.

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