How to connect the computer to write program into the PLC in PLC programming - - programmable logic

by:Coolmay     2020-07-09
Understand the basic knowledge of PLC, the selection, software installation, PLC connection computer, upload and download programs are the most basic knowledge of PLC programming primer. They speak one of today, PLC how to connect to the computer? How to get the good program written to the PLC programming.

PLC controller how to connect to the computer? Just like a mobile device, it is need a line to connect the computer. PLC requires programming cable connected to computers, line needs to be installed by different kinds of drivers are different.

install drivers sometimes installed in programming software when asked whether the relative should drive, if you choose no, you need to later in the manual for installation, can we drive after the installation of the computer device manager to check the con mouth side, for the end, PLC and computer connection is successful.

after the success of the PLC to connect the computer, how to put in the computer programming good program in the PLC to run, mitsubishi PLC as an example, the programming software GX - are there Developer and GX - Works2, Siemens to install software or step7, etc. Open the software programming, programming, writing to run in the PLC, it has a connection in navigation.

according to the programming cable and download PLC port there are two ways, one is a RS232 and USB, choose RS232 and transmission speed, need to select the com com port can be in the device manager to check the computer above, click on the right side of the communication test, is displayed has successfully connected to the PLC. At this moment you truly PLC and computer ( Programming software) The connection is successful, the next step we are in the toolbar 'online' select 'PLC to write' click execute the program will run into the PLC.

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