How to connect to the PLC and frequency converter - - programmable logic

by:Coolmay     2020-06-20
Actually the inverter can work without PLC control can also, such as ABB ACS510 with a pressure transducer, can control several motor constant pressure water supply system, completely without PLC, its own built-in macro is equivalent to his control of the brain, directly with manufacturers to fixed and went in. In order to achieve more complex motor control, etc. , requires more advanced 'brain' to work, then the 'advanced' brain how connection with the 'executive' inverter, PLC, roughly divided into three kinds.

the first kind, with a PIc of the analog output to the PIc of the input, which are frequently used in this way, very simple, the PLC analog output module outputs an analog signal, 0 5, 0 10 v, 4 - 20 ma, any form of analog quantities, but the premise is corresponding with the inverter, and write it with the PLC program analog statements with frequency conversion, so basic.

the second is switch quantity control, the control is more simple, switch input and output module, is through the PLC to control frequency converter of start-stop, forward, inversion, multistage speed, PLC controller and frequency converter also can give at the same time - A feedback signal, it works to PLC, this basic every product control system.

the third one is through the communication, this is amazing, often a line can finish the above work in two ways, mainly through RS - Walk 485 communication interface, the corresponding agreement, you can read a lot of parameters, then the PLC via communication lines under the corresponding instructions to inverter, inverter, PLC then sends feedback via communication lines, process seems very simple, is mainly for the communication of two devices. Master station, for example, from the stand of setting, the selection of communication protocol, etc. , sent a parameter may make you depressed along while, how is not even, can according to the two devices, to set up little by little, otherwise is really easy to get wrong. This way also has a lot of disadvantages, is the interference of frequency converter, the interference is very strong, will affect the operation of weak current systems, including the establishment of the communication to offset the interference will find some way to, such as use iron plate separates the two devices, strictly grounding, and could not use the two systems a grounding, use the shielded twisted-pair cable, and so on.

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