How to correctly and how to install PLC for PLC wiring - right - programmable logic

by:Coolmay     2020-06-21
PLC controller control is more reliable than a relay control, but if the installation does not conform to the requirements, also not line. So, to install PLC machine right outside.

a, the installation should pay attention to the environment of

temperature not lower than 0 ℃ and 55 ℃ higher than, for example, don't put in the fire hearth, also do not put in the refrigerator. Also notice moistureproof and anticorrosive shockproof, away from the high tension line, in particular, 6 kv, must be far away;

2, power source and ground is considerable

PLC terminals, especially don't put the power supply to the other terminal, otherwise, the consequences will be severe. If the site has a high power electric welding machine is easy to produce a large number of electrical appliances, the interference must be combined with isolation transformer. Transformer core should be reliable grounding. Line, don't put the power cord, power, control line bind together. Power, in particular, must maintain 0 and control signal lines. More than 5 meters distance;

3, the output terminal of the connection

output port will output voltage, generally used as the drive contactor coil, etc. , on the other side of the load on the public side COM. With the method of the transistor output, especially the PLC must be connected to absorb the diode, prevent load contactor coil when disconnected PLC of high-voltage breakdown transistor. Similarly, also want to stay away from the high tension line, anti interference measures, etc. ; Four,

each input terminal of the wiring input terminals connected input is valid, and the public section of COM pay special attention to the input of the public can't and the output of the public section of COM together. Input line too long, generally not more than 0. 5 meters, the input and output to separate, be sure to stay away from the high tension line;

5, PLC installed to debug

debugging is very necessary, especially the expensive equipment complex, if the PLC is not installed to run outside the preset, light person can't production, the person that weigh will be very serious consequences. How to debug?

1, close the power supply, PLC on the power light should be bright;

2, PLC to play on the 'monitor', if there is no error in program RUN goes on. People to the input signal ( Such as lift travel switch, etc. ) And see if the corresponding indicator light installation outside expected to ignite, ( Attention will be given to disconnect the output, such as motor, etc. ) 。 If the program is wrong, the RUN will flash lights;

3, first simulation run, run or don't pick up the load. Until it meets the requirements, can be combined with the load, the test run, this time should be closely observed a period of time, in case you thought.

4, debugging process records in the file, for later reference.

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