How to design a PLC control system -

by:Coolmay     2020-06-21
1. System design and equipment selection

a. Analysis of equipment or system that you control. The primary purpose of PLC is to control the external system. This system may be a single machine, fleet or a production process.

b。 Decide whether you want to control the input and output points of equipment or system is in line with the programmable controller points required. ( Selection requirements)

c。 Decide whether you want to control the complexity of the equipment or systems, analysis of whether memory capacity is enough.

。 Will you have to control the equipment or systems for assignment of the input signal, and the input number corresponding to the PLC controller. ( List)

b。 Will you have to control the output of the equipment or system signal assignment, and output Numbers corresponding to the PLC. ( List)

3。 The principle diagram of the design control

a. Design a more integrated control of the sketch.

b。 Write your control program.

c。 On the premise of achieve the aim of control you try to simplify the procedure.


program written to PLC to write your program into the programmable controller.

5。 Edit debug modify your program

a. Program error ( Logic and grammar checking)

b。 In local inserted into the END section of debugging.

c。 Overall debugging

6. Monitor the operation of the

in monitoring mode, monitoring your control program every movement is correct. Such as incorrect return to step 5, if the right step 7.

7。 To run the program ( Don't forget to backup your program)
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