How to implement the Modbus master station and CAN bus connection -

by:Coolmay     2020-06-22
Wide into GCAN - science and technology Turn 204 Modbus RTU CAN module CAN realize the Modbus master station and CAN bus connection. This module is a standard Modbus from station, so it can with almost all of the standard Modbus master station (on market Such as PLC, industrial computer, controller, etc. ) Communication, CAN bus CAN realize through the Modbus protocol to send and receive data. Case sharing

a guangzhou auto parts manufacturers Deng Gong contact us said they wanted to put the PLC controller to the vehicle CAN bus, some automobile internal sensor real-time monitoring parameters.

I: excuse me, can you tell me what you use is which type of PLC, PLC on what communication interface?

Deng Gong: PLC used S7 - 200, 485 interface, is the Modbus protocol.

I: is that your PLC do Modbus master station? Read the CAN bus data?

Deng Gong: yes, want to use the PLC on the CAN bus CAN read data of several ID.

I: GCAN - that you can use our company Turn 204 Modbus RTU CAN module, the module after receiving the CAN bus data will store data of the specified ID to the corresponding address of the Modbus, waiting for the Modbus master station sends read instructions, at the same time you CAN also use the Modbus master station to GCAN - 204 module corresponds to the Modbus address write data, the data will be to specify CAN ID sent to the CAN bus. ( The figure below),

Deng Gong: how many CAN data CAN support?

I: GCAN - 204 is based on CAN bus frame ID configuration module, you CAN set the most 32 receives the frame ID and 32 send frame ID.

Deng Gong: ok, then I buy a come back study.

Modbus protocol with CAN bus seemingly has nothing to do, but CAN use conversion gateway connects the two completely different bus, make different bus data CAN be exchanged through conversion gateway. Conversion gateway this characteristic, makes industrial interconnection is very simple and flexible to use conversion gateway CAN be used between two different communication bus equipment communicate with each other, to achieve cost reduction, such as flexible network effect, it CAN be widely used in the production line upgrade, PLC car CAN access network, fire host communication conversion, etc.

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